Son of Dave
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Benjamin Darvill, a.k.a. Son of Dave, is a one-man band of sorts, combining harmonica, vocals, beat-boxing, a rattle and foot-stomping to create his own infectious form of blues. Darvill, a Canadian formerly with Crash Test Dummies, has released four albums to date as Son of Dave, his latest and best being 'Shake A Bone', recorded and mixed by Steve Albini in Chicago, the title track used briefly in an episode of Breaking Bad.

Biography here; a few videos here.

A track off 'Son of Dave 03', "Devil Take My Soul" features Martina Topley-Bird.
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My friends in Amys Ghost were asked to curate a day at the outside-inside festival in Reading last summer and as headliners, the festival organisers forced them to choose this blues-rock outfit. They were a little miffed at this but went along with it anyway, to their suprise, Son of Dave walked in, joined the band onstage and caused mass merry mayhem and joy. He's a legend.
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Very cool - Thanks! I'm teaching my kids to be Crash Test Dummies fans, and this will be gravy for them.
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I remember hearing "Life Is So Easy Now" on an airplane music station and thinking "This is unlike anything I've ever heard before." Thanks for reminding me to check out more of his work.
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