10 police officers found.
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10 police officers found. I hope this isn't another mistake, but "A report just in says ten police officers missing since the collapse of the World Trade Centre buildings have been found alive under the rubble." Post details as you find them.
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Sorry, having issues making the link work.

It says they got a cell phone call from one of them, buried two levels underground.
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I hope it's true, and that they can get them out.

However, the Reuters feed at Yahoo was also the source of the "Bin Ladin Under House Arrest" rumor, which proved to be false.
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Might be interesting to start a "reliability rating" matrix for news sources. I vaguely remember something of this from the novel, Ender's Game.

To many retractions or bad reports and your rating drops.
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I just heard something sick: That the firefighter that said he found the 10 cops made it up, presumably so he could get on TV, and now the real cops are trying to track him down.

I sure hope this isn't true...
posted by aaron at 10:34 PM on September 13, 2001

They pulled out 5 firefighters from an SUV earlier today.. 3 ok, 2 hurt.

I'd like to see a roll call of who was in the city, and where when this whole thing went down, though.. just to gauge where we're all at.

Me, I was at midtown because I forgot the Water's conference was on the 11th at Windows on the World and I was supposed to go.
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They pulled out 5 firefighters from an SUV earlier today.. 3 ok, 2 hurt
No, they pulled 2 firefighters who fell down a gap earlier this morning. No SUVs involved.
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Officially denied.
posted by jjg at 12:16 AM on September 14, 2001

That's just fucking sick. I was watching CNN when the ground reporter heard it from the fireman and reported it. It was really exciting, but then I said, what in the hell we 5 NYPD officers and 5 Port Authority officers (notice the even numbers) doing in the same exact place?

I shrugged. Stranger things have happened. But it was nice to have some hope at last that people could be alive in pockets like that under the rubble.

And now we find out that it was fabricated or miscommunicated.

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But it was nice to have some hope

I think, on some level, that we tend to expect miraculous survivor stories out of tragedies like this. It provides welcome respite from the horror. Unfortunately, it seems in this case, that the nature of the destruction provides us with very little hope -- those who got out alive, got out right away, and those who did not, died right away.

To fabricate such a story is unimaginably sick.
posted by kd at 8:13 AM on September 14, 2001

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