Everywhere There's Lots of Piggies
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Friday Flash Fun! In Pigs Can Fly, navigate a cute little piggy to the magic potion to help him grow wings and fly away.
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I love this kind of game...where your actions stack up. I don't know what it's called but feel free to point me to more of them. Thanks!
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That was very cool but sadly short...
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My four-year-old son and I have been playing a variety of flash puzzle games (mostly through Kongregate), and we found this the other day. He's a sharp kid and has picked up on the mechanics of most of these games very quickly, but the "stacking" in Pigs Can Fly blew his mind. When he asked me to explain it, I used a time travel analogy, and I could just see his little brain melting. He loves it.
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The smaller the pig the more dirt there is to roam in.
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This is a pretty well executed game right here. It was never really challenging but never was totally dull or frustrating either. Part of me would have liked this if it grew more involved and more difficult but part of me also liked the fact that I could attain that little problem solving pleasure without really having to struggle for it.
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This game makes me so happy. Thank you.
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Having finished the six existing levels of Cut the Rope (with great sadness), this is perfectly filling the void in my heart. Great find!
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Hmmm, isn't this really going to piss the birds off?

At first they were just angry, but now?....
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If you like the time travel aspect of this, be sure to check out Chronotron. It will blow your mind, and is a bit more difficult than this cute game.
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