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Ubiquitous yet mysterious, timeless yet tied to a golden age, mainstream yet frequently experimental: the BBC steps Into The Music Library. While music libraries like DeWolfe and KPM are best known as the source of many classic TV themes and film soundtracks, they're also responsible for incidental compilations are now both influential and appreciated in their own right, such as Basil Kirchin's Abstractions of the Industrial North and Barbara Moore's Vocal Shades and Tones.
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Oh yes. Favourited and bookmarked.
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nice find.
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Worth adding that the presenter is Jonny Trunk, whose Trunk Records releases many great library collections, and who also presents OST on London's Resonance FM.
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Sometimes referred to as "music to offend noone". Related terms: production music, muzak, diluted to extremely low concentrations

not interesting, stimulating, or significant; pallid; insipid: an innocuous novel.
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