I hadn't seen the Mission Impossible 2 trailers
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I hadn't seen the Mission Impossible 2 trailers until just a few mintues ago. My first question is "when did Tom Cruise become a James Bond clone?" Is Mission Impossible going to become a series? I'd pay to see more episodes, if John Woo directs them...
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Actually, the first thing that struck me was how Matrix-isque it was. Though, this would be, of course, the Real Thing(tm) with John Woo behind it....
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Yeah, there's that one part in the new trailer where two motorcycles race toward each other and the people riding them jump off and fly towards each other. Now if there's anyone who can suspend my disbelief in a sequence like that, it's John Woo. (btw, anyone notice Apple's monopoly on movie trailers recently?)
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Yeah, that sequence is divine. It does have a lot of Matrix like qualities, but Woo has always been fond of dancing, and puts that style in all of his films. I'd like to see what he can do with Cruise and Rhames.

It's cool though to see that girl (Thandie Newton) that Louis killed and carried out of his mansion in Interview with the Vampire as Cruise's potential love interest. Ironic, in a way.

As for Apple, Quicktime's a lot better than the Windows Media Player. More buttons and all. It's one of the few Apple apps that's worth porting over to the PC.
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It looks a bit like The Matrix because The Matrix used so much of the Hong Kong aesthetic, and Woo is the king of that. After Face Off, I can’t wait.
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With MI-2 Woo is going to take his crown as king of action back. I'm can't wait...
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