Dick & Jane's Spot: a Story of Love & Art
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They created a home together that catches the eye, and their story of love and art is even more captivating, despite tragedy and loss.
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Ellensburg? Well, heck. That's just spitting distance from me. Maybe someday the weather will get above 50 and I'll feel like having one of those sunny spring day drives.
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I've been by this place a few times. It does catch your eye, but not in a bad way.
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Fabulous and wonderful; thank you!
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There's a place like this over in West Seattle, though it's not the house, but the back yard, which is just full of all kinds of crazy folk art and poured, shaped, concrete.
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Beautiful, thank you
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A beautiful place, a wonderful couple. I found this place years ago through word of mouth; Dick Eliot has since become something of a hero of mine. Life is but a Dream. He told me that the most powerful art speaks to everyone, regardless of age-- a standard that that I still try to reach for in my own work.
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Similar to this is the Tinkl Farm in Uxbridge, Ontario. One of the more amazing places I've ever been!
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