Straight Outta Union City
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Retrospace (previously) gives us a series of cards from lounge acts that appeared at the Biltmore Motor Hotel in Union City, Tennessee, sometime in the Seventies.

A couple of the cards feature Dave Bunker and some of his creations, including early versions of the Touch Guitar, as well as some... unique facial hair. More pictures of Bunker over the years. (Via.)
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In Soviet Russia, the cup loves you!
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Oh, the hair! The hair!
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After disbanding The Jam, Paul Weller decompressed by taking his short-lived, soon-to-be-rebranded side project on a hotel lounge tour.
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Wow. I didn't know you could pile hair that high.
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The gentleman in the back of Solid Temptation is an absolute dead ringer for the younger Christopher Lee version of Saruman.
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Is it just me or is The Dave Bunker Show the same as The Starlighter Quartet but with an extra female member?
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Too bad the band's names are set in wildly anachronistic Verdana, or I would have thought these cards were the real thing. I want to believe!
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A young Paula Deen with her first husband, who would later enter the Guiness Book as "Most Feathered".
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These are exactly why I consider nostalgia to be so misguided.
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