Join a research expedition to Antarctica
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I was all excited for a moment. Had decided that what the hell, I would join the expedition. Live the adventure!

But no, they've been and gone. Bummer!
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Oh, sorry -- didn't mean to mislead but I can see how you might have thought that.
posted by puffl at 5:50 PM on April 18, 2011

The Life Antarctic
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The last lap of the voyage was vivid and fancy-stirring, great barren peaks of mystery looming up constantly against the west as the low northern sun of noon or the still lower horizon-grazing southern sun of midnight poured its hazy reddish rays over the white snow, bluish ice and water lanes, and black bits of exposed granite slope. Through the desolate summits swept raging intermittent gusts of the terrible antarctic wind; whose cadences sometimes held vague suggestions of a wild and half-sentient musical piping, with notes extending over a wide range, and which for some subconscious mnemonic reason seemed to me disquieting and even dimly terrible. Something about the scene reminded me of the strange and disturbing Asian paintings of Nicholas Roerich, and of the still stranger and more disturbing descriptions of the evilly fabled plateau of Leng which occur in the dreaded Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. I was rather sorry, later on, that I had ever looked into that monstrous book at the college library.
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dear ABC "content" industry everyone: "interactive" is not a noun.

The flash toy with the boat is pretty cool, though. Carry on.
posted by Vetinari at 12:31 AM on April 19, 2011

That boat makes a good clip... 16 knots.
posted by wackyvorlon at 10:34 AM on April 19, 2011

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