They're making up their own shows, that might be better than TV
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Waffle shop is a place to eat waffles, and also a live streaming talk show.

Often boring, but never mundane. They really do just get random neighborhood people up on stage.
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"Talking about your sexuality, and the economic collapse, somehow we're gonna tie all this together, and I'll back this up with no facts, and that's what makes this special. It's kind of like Sean Hannity, but late night"

I forgot to mention, the both the hosts are often random patrons.
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I am only interested in one of these things and it is the one that cannot be provided by this link.
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If one of the random hosts is a Nazi, would that make it the Luftwaffle Shop?
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Ha! My husband and I were on the Waffle Shop talk show two weeks ago discussing ideas for raising bilingual children, and talking about Japan. We weren't there with the intention of being interviewed, but one of the producers noticed us dancing with our baby while eating waffles and invited us up.

It was fun and I had a lovely spinach thingy from Conflict Kitchen next door. I love the concept and I'm glad it's not far from home. I definitely recommend taking a visit if you are in Pittsburgh.

You can also see me talking b.s. about chickens and linguistics in the visionary ideas video. I'm kind of afraid to watch it beyond the first few seconds because it was basically a contest for crazy talk and I did my best to bring it.
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Not unless they get some engines and propellers on the waffles.

I am thinking I may have undersold this link, the "featured videos" are actually well edited and full of hilarity.
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Also: the waffleshop youtube channel.
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Conflict Kitchen, also by Carnegie Mellon art students, previously.
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"What ya readin' for?"

Finally a waffle place that Bill Hicks wouldn't've minded waitressing in...
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Huh, coulda sworn that there had been a post about this already, must have been thinking about the Conflict Kitchen one. I've actually driven past this place for years and never been in since they keep such weird hours and I'm not usually in the East Liberty neighborhood in the middle of the day. Love the billboard though.
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Yay Pittsburgh!
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I am a little disappointed, but a little less confused. I was hoping to see someone eat a talk show, and, while walking away, amidst horrified stares from the onlookers, snatch up a waffle from someone's plate, and munch on that, never looking back. Prob'ly for the best, really.
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just as an aside, the projects (waffle shop and conflict kitchen) are overseen by jon rubin who joined the faculty at carnegie mellon a few years ago and has had a strong interest in art installation merged with the commercial. worked on a design charrette with him and truly enjoyed his thinking and energy.
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Carnegie Mellon? I lost all respect for that school from the weirdness of the Gigapan people. Maybe Waffleshop makes up for some of it. Maybe.
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