Grete Waitz 1953-2011
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Norwegian marathon runner Grete Waitz dies at 57.

2006 interview: "I worked out an hour the same morning and I felt fine, and then you go for a blood test and three hours later you're told you have cancer. Talk about the roof caving in."
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I ran in the 1980 NYC marathon with her. And about 20,000 others.

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I'm not going to put a little period here for a marathon runner. Maybe multiple underlines?


I'd never heard of Grete Waitz before, though I do try to pay attention to recent marathon winners. Where exactly is Norway in Kenya?
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Grete Waitz won nine New York City Marathons between 1978 and 1988 setting a few world records in the process.

She ran a personal best of 2:24 (and at the time world record for women) in the London Marathon in 1986 (which lasted a few days before Benoit shaved a few minutes off at Boston.) Crazy to think that Waitz's record has been beaten more than 300 times since.

She deserves a Viking ship funeral.

Where exactly is Norway in Kenya?

Funny enough, just about as far from Nairobi as the home of the present female world-record holder in the marathon (2:15) Paula Radcliffe.
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Wow, 57 is way too young to be dead.
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The Norwegian Festival: Grete's Great Gallop, a half marathon run in Central Park on October 1, is my last race before my first marathon next fall.

I will always remember the coverage of Grete running the NYC Marathon '92 alongside New York Road Runner's founder Fred Lebow, after his brain cancer diagnosis. They finished in 5:32:35.
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I'm not going to say she had a good run, but she did. Unfortunately, it wasn't as long as it should've been.

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Her first marathon in 1978 was supposed to be her final run as a competitive athlete. 2008 interview:

NYRR: Did your New York City Marathon 1978 win really keep you in the sport and deter you from retiring from running?
GW: Yes, I came to New York with my husband to celebrate my retirement. I left for New York determined to continue my teaching and maybe have kids. But, instead, I quit my job teaching and never had kids.

Two months ago, in one of her final public appearances, on behalf of the Active Against Cancer Foundation, she donated a cancer scanner to the Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo. She passed away today, at the same hospital.

"Waitz’s funeral is expected to be held next week and will be a small private arrangement, according to the wishes of the athlete, Aanesen said."
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This is so sad. She was a wonderful athlete and a great woman. Rest in peace.
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I'm in awe of her achievements. And she always struck me as a wonderful person. Sad indeed.

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I read about her in Runners World from time to time when I was attempting to finish 5Ks in less time than new moms pushing strollers.

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awful. She was so well-loved in the running community.
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I thought marathon runners were immortal?
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Awww, so sorry she died and so young.
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A dignified, estimable athlete.

Ave, vale, salve.
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roomthreeseventeen, I remember the 1992 marathon .. I admired her so much before that race and even more so afterward. She was a really great human being.

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Watched her run many times...we were the same age.....

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