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Kris Kuksi makes sculptures, paintings, and drawings. A time-lapse of his sculpting process and a walkthrough with details. He has a book and sells his sculptures. His most famous work is perhaps Church Tank. [Previously]
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I read the phrase "Church Tank," thought "wow, that sounds pretty warhammer," clicked the link... yeah, that's pretty warhammer, wonder how many points it costs to field it with your sisters of battle
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I love this guy's work.
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Note to self: pay attention to each link the post. Also, just shut up.
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Quick, someone front me $20,000. Address is in the profile.
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Never seen this guy's stuff before, but Church Tank is inspired.
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I'm amazed.
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I love Kris Kuksi's sculptures. First time I saw his work was from flipping through and issue of Juxtapoz. The detail in the sculpture was just that interesting that even just a photograph in a magazine made me flip back and try to pick out all the details. A little while after that, he had a gallery showing I went to, and man, it made me wish I was rich so I could buy it all for my house. They look like totally different landscapes from different angles in person. Some of them I even found myself kneeling on the ground to take a look at the bottom. I almost wondered if I'd find more weird details if I took the ones hanging off the walls to see the backside.
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