My Mets Journal
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"My NY Mets sketchbook. I create an entry after each Mets game or commentary on the crazy stuff going on around the team."
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My favourite squadron.
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I saw the Mets twice, I think. Once for my birthday. A whole group of us went to Shea. Of course, it rained and they lost.
Years later I was reading Spider-Man. Pete's remembering how Uncle Ben used to take him to Mets games. He's watching them. They lose, and it rains, and he remembers how that always happened with Uncle Ben.

I don't follow sports much but I'm still attached to the Mets.
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Nice work. Reminds me of old-school newspaper work.
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Big Yankee fan here who admits to a certain amount of schadenfraude (Sp?) watching the Mets. But, this is good. I will read it. Agree with FrankBlack that this reminds me of old school newspaper reporting. Like the guy in the Natural who was sketching in the press box. I just hope that Joe Petruccio can keep it up without getting too discouraged. It will be a long season for Mets fans.
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Gosh, this neat! He really captures the intense love that Mets fans have for their team while also catching the frustration we feel watching them play bad baseball.

Actually, as a lifelong Met fan, I'm genuinely relieved about this season. They're going to stink on ice. Fine, I can live with that. I fell in love with this team permanently in 1979 for pete's sake. Just no more collapses or front running, please. Ugh. Either dominate the league or be a scrappy come from behind team. That's what we expect. We like teams with heart. The "We're loaded with talent but have no heart" era can't end soon enough for me.
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Had a bad day and this really lifted me up, totally unexpectedly. Thanks for posting this, I love my Mets, despite all.
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The Mets have plenty of heart. They just don't have consistent offense. Or pitching.
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Love this. Growing up in the New York area and being a huge sports fan, I was always a huge fan of Bill Gallo from the NY Daily News. It's awesome to see someone continue sports commentary in an illustrated fashion, with a contemporary spin.
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As a Phillies fan, let me just say that I'd need a steak knife to hack my way through all the schadenfruede.
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