I recommend the miniphants.
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Flash Fun Friday! Elephant Quest: the best elephants-with-lasers Castlevaniaesque RPG you will play all day.

This game has everything. Elephants! Balloons! Mini-elephants!

It also has unique level-up system that is a surprisingly compelling mini-game in its own right.
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It's got badges on Kongregate, too. Just in case you were planning on getting any work done today.
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This genre is called Metroidvania! This game has elephants!
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Very addictive. Thanks.
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In 15mins my elephant has 4 mini elephants, 4 keys, 5 ballons and 3 mine cart laser things following him. The screen is kinda crowded.
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I love this game so much! If you play it on Armor Games and log in, there's a bonus quest involving Sushi Cats.
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Have they fixed regeneration yet? Two playthroughs through, and my elephant doesn't regenerate despite having that stat maxed out. :(
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Regeneration seems to happen in spurts. It works on screen fine, the next, no regen. Thankfully it's hardly necessary.
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I'm sort of disapointed that there don't appear to be secrets in little alcoves and cliffs that require skill jumps to get to, but I guess there's enough happening in this game without throwing that in there.

Pretty fun. Sort of wish it was a full-fledged game instead of on Kongregate.
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The level-up system is sort of like Final Fantasy X's sphere grid. Rather than just levelling up and getting random stat increases or choosing directly which stat to boost, you follow a set path of upgrades. The path branches and there are huge bonuses at the end of certain paths which give you a target for what sort of character you want have. You can be a middle-of-the-road balanced sort of character, or you can shoot for the 50+ agility, etc.


One thing that irks me is that you can't max out every stat. I'm stuck at 70 for "cantering" and I'm curious how much swagger the elephant can pull off.
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What does cantering do anyway? I figured it was some sort of black-box stat like luck, where it's not immediately obvious what the benefits are, but it has huge dividends in some obscure way.
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Cantering makes your elephant move differently, i.e. more cutely. As I remember, maxing it out means the elephant rocks back and forth with every step. It can be a bit annoying when you need to make small steps.
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That was a most excellent waste of an hour.
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Maybe I'm jaded from years of min/maxing stats in grind-style games, but the idea of a stat that does nothing but make my character more cute actually makes me angry.
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I can't find the final goddamn balloon, but now that I've beaten the game, I don't care. It was fun and brief.
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Well, it's not like you have to put points into it.

Fun game. It's good that as the screen become OMG crowded with items that you become an unstoppable laser machine so it doesn't matter as much if you get hit.
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I played this on Kongregate a few days ago. After I beat the game, I kept playing so I could get enough points to max out every stat. IIRC, when you max out cantering, you get roller skates.

I am hopelessly addicted to games like this.
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Well, it's not like you have to put points into it.

I really don't mean to shit on this game, since it is so well made, and I would say I'm not even really angry, but I do think a stat like that is bad game design.

There's a certain convention that every stat does something. Certain exemptions to this are that some stats aren't readily apparent (like Luck) but influence everything you do in small, beneficial ways. Certain stats are useless until you max them, at which point they become insanely powerful as a way to reward adventurous players. A stat that's just flat-out worthless, with no real indication, just seems like a bad idea from a design stand-point. But, then again, the game isn't that hard, so a few wasted points probably don't matter.
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That was fun. I beat the boss and it froze on me, though. :(

Aside from that, the only two things I wanted were a) bigger, easier to read map, and b) more challenge from the enemies to make the extra firepower not redundant.
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O man, I went from fully operational Death Star to Pink Floyd laser show. Good use of an hour.
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Well, I played for a while, then got stuck in a wall. Oh well.

Has a nice addictive quality, but the movement doesn't have enough inertia and is fiddly. Not enough challenge in the enemies-- it's all just blast away all the time.
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This is built by the same guy who made some weird meta-games like Achievement Unlocked and This is The Only Level, which I think might help you understand the crazy upgrades.
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