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50 pictures of Basset Hounds running. If you aren't satisfied with just pictures, well there's videos of Basset Hounds running in slow motion (1,2) and videos of them shaking in slow motion (1,2).
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Where I come from, this is known as the "OMG CUPCAKES" face.
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LMAO! that was incredibly satisfying :D
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I love this, because the noble Basset Hound is my spirit animal.

The Basset Hound is the dog breed that most closely expresses "I've been dealt a bad hand, but by God I'm making the best of it."
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Awesome, just what I needed on a long call at work on a Friday night.

Love Bassets, even though I tend to go for Pugs, just for the 'I may be ugly, but by god I'm happy' vibe...
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"Fly, You Fools!"

I love Basset Hounds, but memories of their stinky impacted anal glands gives me nightmares.
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Words can't express how cute Bassets are. Awesome, awesome dogs. A good friend had a lab-basset mix and it was spool cute. At first, it looked like a normal lab. Then you realize it was too short and it had waaaay too big ears. And it's feet were a tad large. Once you realized it was all out of proportion, you realized he was just about as adorable as is possible.

RIP Grover.
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I haven't yet clicked through to the link, but I wanted to say, just based on the description, that this may be the best ever MeFi post.
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This guy sems to be melting
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This one appears to be the T-1000, and may qualify as nightmare fuel.
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Yay basset hounds!! The coolest dogs on the planet. Awesome link, thanks for this. Can I add my basset hound Penny to the mix??

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*cough* *cough*



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A fine post on current developments in herpderpetology.
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I'm not a fan of any dog that's longer than it is tall (corgis, I'm looking at you in particular). The basset hound with its persistent, nicotinic "rhoo-rhoo-arhoo-arhooooo" bark is especially grating to me.

I love dogs but not any of them short, stubby, barky ones.
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I had not yet seen a being's face melting off its head with joy, drool, and surprise. I enjoyed it.
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I once had a dog that as a puppy would take off running when you let it out and I would get exhausted trying to catch it and get it back to the house.

So when I got the job to watch the neighbor's two basset hounds, I approached the fence with trepidation when they were jumping at it in excitement. As I feared, when I opened the fence, they bolted.

Then I just started laughing.

They were taking off as fast as they could run, and I realized that I could catch up with them just by walking. They turned to to be a lot of fun to take care of.
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I've always wanted a basset hound. Aside from being wonderful pets, they're an instant pick-me-up. The dream goes like this: wake up feeling awful, just because things aren't going so well. The crush of life is getting to you, and seems overwhelming, but just then, there's that basset hound arrooo? from the foot of the bed, and Thor*, my loyal, but sorta pathetic looking basset hound looks up at me from where he's just woken up, and I look at his patheticly adorable, yet geneticly sad looking face, and bam, I'm cheered up.

Since I haven't seen many, or for that matter, any basset hounds in Japan, I'll make do with this awesome post instead.

The basset hound will be named Thor because, in case of burglars in the middle of the night, I would call out, THOR, KILL! The burglars would, in this day dream, be terrified until they heard Thor let out the low moaning bark that is the basset hound, at which point the ne'erdowells would collapse in laughter, and the police would come and collect them.
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Oh, that is awesome. I didn't even realize that I needed a basset pick-me-up.
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A friend of mine from childhood through the present had two male basset hounds for a long time. One was several years older than the other and indoctrinated him in the finer points of loafing, barking at noises outside, and climbing on the forbidden furniture. The running joke was that the dogs were a gay couple but in truth they were so bad at walking, rolling over, and turning around that I don't think that constant scrotum/ass-to-face contract between them was anything but the product of being cursed to walk the earth with the volume and strength of a stubby jellyfish.

When we were younger his parents used to each take one with them to work and on errands. One day my friend I and had an AYSO soccer game and all the parents came to watch us play. My youngest brother was there, about age 5 or 6, tooling around on a hand-me-down (from me) red Schwinn bike with training wheels. The dog had been in the car with my friend's mom all day, and when he was released onto the soccer field, he made a bee line for the red bike frame (and my brother) and proceeded to lift one comically short leg and empty the surprisingly vast contents of his lilliputian bladder from said brother's feet to his knees. I can hear the sputtering, incomprehending shouts of outrage to this day, and whenever I see a basset hound making leisurely progress in any direction I crack a grin.
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actually made me kinda nauseated.... NOT the effect I was expecting.
It's gotta be me, not the doggies. Can't be the doggies.
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One of our beagles is what has to be a basset mix. He can be pathetic and adorable but the arrooo is usually a sign that he's picked up a scent outside and is going to spend the next however long barking insanely at the top of his lungs, punctuated by the occasional even-louder howling and baying as he tries to find the source of the scent. They are loud dogs. They are scent dogs. They are stubborn as hell. They have been bred over centuries to be all of these things. The combination can be a real pain in the ass at 5 in the morning when you are barely awake. He will not respond to his favorite food, loud calls, dousing with water, or anything else, including an oncoming car, if he is on the track of a scent.

Once in a horrible long while the baying is followed by a desperate attempt to escape the yard, and sometimes it succeeds and is followed by our frantic high-anxiety search for him and his brothers in the woods, or worse still, near the highway.

In other words, they're great dogs and as sweet and wonderful as can be, but the howling and baying are not often an expression of cuteness.
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I did not think I would look at all 50. I was wrong.
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Too much skin. Can we get a spanx on this bitch?
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Ok, they are really cute. However, all I could think about was how humans had bread these dogs into floppy skinned, big eared things. They cannot even run without their ears covering their eyes? They are so far removed from a lean, natural dog that it seems a little bit sad.

Take, for example, the incredible New Guinea Singing dogs - all natural! Or, watch a video of them singing.

Apologies for being a downer on a cute thread.
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Am I the only one that's genuinely disturbed by these pics? They look like the Nazis that opened the Ark.
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It's like what I imagine intestines would be like if they had four legs and ran about.
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I've seen garbage bags blowing in the wind that had more dogness than these little critters!
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Thor-related dog item.
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I HATE basset hounds. Don't let the cute look fool you. You learn to loath it after living with a bad one long enough, especially when they trot up next do you after being taken out five minutes before and look you in the face and then start pissing on the floor seemingly just to spite you. Have fun finding dried slobber on the wall and other surprising places when it gets flung from their mouths as well. Feeding time? Expect them to DEMAND to be fed when they want. Sleep, nope, have fun with that when they are baying at 3 in the morning non-stop, and when you get up to shush them have them start the moment you fall back to sleep. It's enough to make me consider starting my own dogfighting racket, or worse, a straight up basset hound holocaust. Sorry dog lovers, you'll just have to settle with pugs.
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The basset hound is Yet Another Dog Breed With Too Much Skin. I have this mental picture of someone looking at a beagle and thinking "it's okay, but imagine how much better it would be if only it had 1.5x the skin!" I'm hoping drugs were involved.
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Not saying he's perfect, but I LOVE MY BASSET HOUND!!!
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Wow, alaijmw, you were not kidding about the lab/basset mixes.
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Honey Badger don't care.
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