Seoul through music videos
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Seoul as seen through music videos, whether driving (1, 2), sitting (3), running (4), or walking (5).

The songs:
  1. eniac "소년은 달린다" ("The boy runs" or "The boy keeps running") (2011)
  2. 양진석 (Yang Jinseok) "강변북로" ("Gangbyeon Expressway") (2011)
  3. peppertones "new hippie generation" (2008)
  4. deli spice "항상 엔진을 켜둘게" ("I will always keep the engine running") (2001)
  5. 언니네이발관 (Sister's Barbershop) 어떤날 ("Some days") (1999)
And just because it's fun: U.V. (feat. J.Y. Park) "Itaewon Freedom" (2011)
Itaewon street footage begins at 3:41. Lyrics mention other Seoul locales well-known for their clubs and bars - "Gangnam is too crowded/ Hongade is too crowded/ and Shinchon just lacks something ... " (U.V. is a comedy musical act in the vein of Flight of the Conchords; the video is an homage to London Boys' "Harlem Desire")
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The Peppertones are thoroughly awesome.
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I like this video that popped up on many Korea-blogs a few months ago. It's about nine minutes and covers more than just Seoul, but I think it is very nicely done. Makes me miss Korea, and I'm still here.
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I'm amazed by the 양진석 video -- when the hell did they manage to film the Olympic Expressways with no traffic on them?
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This is a Uniqlo promotional video, showing people riding fixies in Seoul (and background music by eniac).
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Itaewon Freedom is AMAZING.
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