September 14, 2001
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University campus communities are a logical place to give and receive support. Blood drives, counseling, vigils are occurring almost universally. Many university departments are sponsoring programs and panel discussions for the public on terrorism: a sort of rough draft of history. (See Princeton, Yale, JHU, and some with whom I have personal connection: UCSD (no annoucement online yet), Penn.)
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NKU has had to start turning people away from the blood drives, because there's been such an outpouring of donors that the Red Cross is afraid there'll be an overstock of blood. There's also a phonathon being arranged to raise money for the Red Cross and various other survivor-help funds.

Off topic slightly, Curtis Fuller--who recently won the mayoral primary in Cincinnati, OH on Tuesday--spoke to one of my classes yesterday, and he brought up a very good point. This whole incident seems to have been a wake-up call for not only our campus, but for the world. There's been such an outpouring of help and love for one's fellow man--but why can't that spirit exist before the fact, too? There's something wrong when it takes the death of thousands to bring out the good in people like this...
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Do others think this kind of discussion helps people at this stage? I personally do, and very much. However I'm curious what kind of information and understanding others want.
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