Drawing Conan O'Brien
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Funny Bones -- Anatomy of a Celebrity Caricature. Artist John Kascht looks for the unique character in Conan O'Brien's face and body. And hair. (Half-hour video)
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Did anyone else expect a video about the unique character in Conan O'Brien's face and body hair?
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If nothing else, the video gave me a big appreciation for caricature that I did not have half an hour ago. Definitely worth setting aside 27 minutes to watch!
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That was great! Entertaining, plus I learned a thing or two about seeing, which is always good. Thanks for this!
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I believe cone-bone can also be used a term for a different part of his anatomy, as well...
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Wow, that was great. I'm so glad you posted that. I already shared the link with an artist friend of mine who will really enjoy it.

Thanks so much!
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Fascinating, thanks!
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Great video. That artist sees so much, it would be unnerving to meet him. He reads a face the way a writer would read a situation and it's underlying elements.

I laughed in recognition and agreement with his ultimate outlandish caricature. I got to meet Conan in 2004 when a girlfriend got tickets to the old NBC Late show at Rockefeller Center. I was a huge huge fan and somehow we lucked out with the best seats in the house, front and center and he came out and spoke to the crowd and shook our hands during the pre-show warm up.

As that caricature shows, he is very tall and his legs do give this impression of going on forever, but the most striking aspect is that his head is simply, and there's no other way to put this and do it justice, his head is massive . With the very orange make up he was wearing and his friendly likable deprecating quality, the experience was very like shaking hands with a gigantic humanoid pumpkin that had sprouted legs. And he really is quite a fantastical figure and he would make a great and kind, yet very smart pumpkin-like wizard in a Lord of the Rings type fantasy movie.

During the commercial breaks he was very quiet and very intense and serious looking sitting at his desk and you could almost feel his inner thoughts scrolling through his head as he prepared mentally for the next guest or skit and the artist saw that as well.
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I'm from the UK and so I'm not so familiar with Conan, but I found the video absolutely fascinating. Great post!
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