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12 videos of creepy automata (well, actually only 11, because one of them is no longer online)
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This is the geographical center of my wife's uncanny floodplain.
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well, actually only 11, because one of them is no longer online
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Actually it's only 10 now, but still creepy.
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And yet, I can't resist wanting them all.
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Here's a few more from the last minute of Sleuth. (Big ol' spoilers, of course. Why not watch the whole thing from the beginning?
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These are not the automata I was looking for.
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So the only things to survive in tact were the motions mechanics.... and... that... music (!)

I haven't seen a horror film in well >25 years but there was a day when every single one opened with the music box over a charming what-could-possibly-go-wrong-in-this-idyllic-life scene and closed with the same music box playing over the blood soaked ashes of the same scene.
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The fat man laughing was the worst/best! I would have liked to see the levitation trick when it was still fully intact. Seeing the underlying structure on that one kind of reduces its impact.
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If you like automata, I recommend this FPP from last summer.
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One of the missing videos: Baby Laugh A Lot
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And the other one: Organ Player Automaton by Pierre Jaquet-Droz
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Instead of being creeped out, I was oddly enchanted by these. Such ingenuity and inventiveness of design! In this age of itty bitty electronic everything, it's tough to keep in mind that at one time such constructions were a marvel. It's sad to see some in tough condition as they're certainly worth preserving.

Re: the laughing man, I loved the way the facial design, as with a kabuki mask, permits different visual interpretations according to lighting--under harsh overhead lights the mouth actually does appear to open and close. Brilliant.

Fun post.
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BTW Baby Laugh A Lot is not an automaton, as she has no moving parts. She merely rocks back and forth on built-in rockers while recorded laughter plays.

She is creepy, though.
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I don't know...to me, the "Baby Laugh a Lot" doll is the least creepy thing about that ad...
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Obligatory link to le Canard Digérateur (See also la musee des automates in Grenoble. Youtube link with reconstructed duck at 1:24 minute mark
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Gooooood evening J.F.!
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Amazing :). I love to see these in action.
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