The Ace of Spades Wears Orange
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Before the iconic Power Rangers, Toei Productions tried some other "Super Sensei" series including 1977's JAKQ (pronounced jah-kuh) with their playing-card-themed identities. With online poker sites down, maybe it's time for them to make a comeback?
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s/sensei/sentai :)

this video is truly a thing of beauty. Also kinda hilarious that Japanese TV and video games have been using the same "fight" sound effects for 34 years. I guess there's no improving on perfection!
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Oh JAKQ, I love this wacky show so much.

*spreads the Big One love*
Leader is pimpin'. :)
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luvcraft beat me to it with the nerd-pedantry. It is indeed "Super Sentai"
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Reminds me of The Royal Flush Gang.
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Didja catch the Nintendo logo on the ace in that video?
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in b4 "jack you"
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The current Super Sentai series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, has seen JAKQ gokai-changed into by the gokaigers, even performed the JAKQ Hurricane in episode 6. All in HD with modern cgi :3

btw, the orange in the 2nd youtube vid is probably bad compression or something or the other; by default, the leader of the team usually wears red.

And I can't believe I'm writing about super sentai on the blue.
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They are secretly led by Inspector Clouseau?
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And I can't believe I'm writing about super sentai on the blue.

And I can't believe I finally got up the courage to come in here and write about super sentai, but got poached by another user. Ha!

I really like the gokai-change gimmick of this season, but in a way I sorta resent it: Though I love seeing the old super sentai again, this team's default outfits / weapons are so well-designed and just plain badass that I want to see way more of them than I do. And this is coming from someone who HATES that whole LOLpirates Internet wankery.

The costume design is amazing and the transformation sequence is the best ever. (Have you caught that when they transform, there's a subtle XXXV, a shout-out to this being the 35th season?) Also, the addition of firearms has really upped the fight choreography this's so jarring yet pretty freaking awesome to see the pink and yellow rangers mow down a line of henchmen by straight-up shooting them in the face with their blunderbusses.)

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I haven't watched the new show much. I really need to see Gokaiger, don't I? My husband thinks it's rather awesome.
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