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Sadness is a Blessing - Lykke Li. (Single link Vimeo music video) Youtube version. (Via)

Directed by Tarik Selah, and starring Stellan Skarsgård.
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Poor Stellan Skarsgård. He's taken over from Max von Sydow as The Only Scandinavian We Know.
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I feel blessed now.
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Lykke Li is my current favorite musician. How many real artists are out there in the pop music scene? Very few. She's a little weird but always emotionally grounded somehow, unlike someone like Bjork. Her lyrics are great too! Damn. Ok, I'm a groupie. I'm her prostitute.
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What a classy-ass video. I loved Lykke Li's last album but haven't really been able to get into the new one, it lacks the minimal dance pop vibe. Here's a nice remix Gold Panda did of this track.
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This is great! Also, the most Scandinavian thing ever. Every basalt-faced Scandinavian is only ever a few shots of vodka from dancing in fancypants restaurants.
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Wonderful video, it reminded me so much of those highly uncomfortable aristocratic family dinners much loved in British period dramas. The ending brought tears to my eyes.

Does anyone know the restaurant where this was filmed? (If it actually exists, that is.)
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That was good!
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See, people all over the world enjoy schlager, and if you market it right, there's no reason there can't be schlager for young people! That said, remixes are proof that miracles are possible, to wit: Tyler the Creator remixes Lykke Li "I Follow Rivers".
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for the record, it's Saleh, not Selah; you might want to fix the tag, too.

Stig Larsson's in it too - some behind the scenes snaps & info here.

More excellent Likke Li videos:

Get Some

I'm Good, I'm Gone

I'm Good I'm Gone [Acoustic version]

Little Bit


plus a short starring Li: Solarium.
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VikingSword: That said, remixes are proof that miracles are possible, to wit

Drake's remix of Little Bit is also quite good.
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Talking about weird Scandinavian pop girls, check out this video. Chances are that you will definitely see it more than once! Fallulah - Bridges
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"Stig Larsson's in it too." This would be retired Swedish hockey player Stig Larsson, and not blockbuster Swedish crime novelist Stieg Larsson who died in 2004. (At least, that is what I was able to infer from a little frenzied web research.)
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progosk: "for the record, it's Saleh, not Selah; you might want to fix the tag, too."

Oops. Fixed the tag, thank you!
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And I know about Lykke Li only because Movitz! mentions them in their best known (in America) song, Fel Del Av Gården.
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Liked it. Thanks!
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Lycke Li had musical parents. Her Dad played in the 70/80s group Dag Vag and her mum was a member of the girl-band contemporary Tant Strul. Both with considerable following, mostly in Stockholm. I haven't actually listened to Ms Li before, but the name keeps cropping up in conversations amongst musicians, so I gave it ago. Really impressive video. I wonder how it would feel hearing just the song, for your first listen.

The Stig Larsson in the film was most likely the writer and poet Stig (Håkan) Larsson with a considerable body of work to his name by now, since his debut novel in 1979 Autisterna. A long while before his popular namesake Stieg swept the international bookmarket.
He is familiar face at Stockholms trendier clubs and restaurants nontheless.
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