Is it bin Laden or?
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Is it bin Laden or? I was watching CNN and they had a little bit on this other terrorist and how the intelligence community is more scared of him than Osama bin Laden. The last picture of him was from 20 years ago. He's responsible for a number of attacks, and is attributed as being responsible for killing more Americians. Anyone catch this guy's name? Got any info on him?
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Was it Kaiser Soze?
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From a CNN slide half an hour ago (thank you TiVo):

Ayman Al Zawahri
aka Abu Fatma and Dr. Abdel-Mu`izz

-Egypt's most wanted man
-Widely regarded as military commander and chief strategist of the militant group, Islamic Jihad
-Personal physician and close associate to Osams bin Laden

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There iszh no Kaiser Soze!
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Or was it Imad Mughniyah, Hezbollah security chief, mentioned in this Frontline interview which was posted earlier today?
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*this* Frontline interview
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Long but interesting background to terrorist activities in Egypt.

I would have thought that whoever is responsible for the WTC attack has considered the impact of remaining anonymous, doubt being a most effective method of maintaining fear.
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Yes, and as such Bin Laden serves as the perfect decoy. The terrorism will not stop when Bin Laden is eliminated. And it will certainly not stop when Kabul is bombed. Kabul has been bombed for 20 years now, there is hardly anything left there to bomb.
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cnn has mentioned that the egyptian jihad looks to be the main group involved in the attacks. of course, that group is largely funded by bin Laden, and the head of the group is one of the top lieutenants in the al'Queda. i didn't catch his name, but possibly he's the one we're referring to? (sorry, i'd post a link, but their information is moving around so quickly, it seems their story's been replaced for now with the real fbi document listing the hijackers...)
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