High as a kite
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This kite-aerial photography (KAP) gallery flies through Seattle, NW Washington, Peace Arch, and a Burning Man festival.

More about KAP here.
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lovely ! I liked the Peace Arch images, and was rather surprised that the border patrol (from either side) didn't ask any questions about the goings on.
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Lovely gallery. New Zealand photographer Murray Neill, who started doing KAP several years ago, was interviewed by the Nelson Mail about his beautiful
rake art which he recommends for playing on the beach.
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Murray Neill's KAP
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That gallery was very soothing and yet thought-provoking to watch.

Also, I had never heard of Mima mounds before!
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Is there a how-to for getting started with KAP? I wanna take awesome aerial pictures like these too but I have no idea what kind of kite would be able to carry what camera and how said camera would be triggered.
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Here you go, exhilaration.
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Make magazine has a brief overview.
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This takes me back. Also.
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And earlier and earlier still.
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some of my favorite KAP's

Nicolas Chorier

Esteban Pastorino Diaz

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