The Original Indoor Cycle Gymnastics. Since 1999
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"The previous cycling was conducted by using the general cycle with two wheels, but JACKIE SPINNING ™ is the Group Exercise Program using specially designed stationary bikes."

"The cyclings in the USA and Europe have been recognized based on the fixed idea that the program is similar to the cycling in general, focusing on leg pedaling, the static program. However, JACKIE SPINNING that spotted a niche from the biggest advantages of indoor cycling that was the stability of equilibrium (You don't need to worry about falling even though you let go of your hold), runs the program in a way that while pedalling, the whole upper body is used (moving both hands, shaking your head or Jackie Spinning style if there is the choreography of upper body and the class is dynamically eprformed in the mix of genre + music + movement + planning."
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Well, at least it's not ham.
posted by Slap*Happy at 5:36 AM on May 3, 2011

Huh, that's what my morning commute looks like.

Just kidding. This is a window into a strange world where people spend hours and hours perfecting very curious skills. Sort of like bicycle Zumba?
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This could only be more weird if there was a group doing this in symmetry. I'm a lifelong cyclist and I rank things on a bike roughly in this order:

1) Riding outdoors
2) Riding indoors on the trainer (thank you, CompuTrainer for saving my sanity)
3) Riding in a spin class with a good instructor
9999) Doing gymnastics on the bike

But then, there is something for everyone and I can't discount the talent and technique shown in the videos.
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Why does the beginning of the routine remind me of this?
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dgran - watch the last video, they do it in symmetry.
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I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did.

On another note, it's good to know that "WOOO!" is universal.
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And people say *I* have too much time on my hands....
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Although I would like to see this concept expanded to those fat-juggle-with-a-belt machines.
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dgran, CompuTrainer saves your sanity?

That is unusual.
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As ridiculous as that looks, its probably a pretty decent workout.
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JACKIE SPINNING ™ is the Group Exercise Program
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Fixed gear riders should seriously consider adding this to their look.
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My wife is a indoor cycling instructor. Can't wait to show her this! Thanks.
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Once again I am forced to celebrate the incredible diversity of activity that we humans will work endless hours to prefect.

In the larger scope, this is no less odd than devoting ones life to kicking a ball into the back of a net, or balancing and doing handstands on an elevated beam of wood.

Ah, world, you make me smile.
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The CompuTrainer is amazing, really. It is the most realistic feeling indoor trainer I've used to date. It does a great job of making my fitness gains measurable, but it also tells me in no uncertain terms when I've lost fitness. That part is a little less fun. If I get really bored I guess I can do dance routines on the bike though!
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Sag mal, SPINNST du, Älter?
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If I'm going to be riding a bike to nowhere, I would probably prefer to do it watching MASH reruns. And frankly, nothing motivates me to work harder on my bike then the idea that I won't get where I'm going if I don't.
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I have a lot of fun playing dumb whenever someone smugly tells me they have just come from spinning class... and then I go, "From WHAT class?".... "From spinnnning class." And then finally I go.. "OHHH you mean.. EXERCISE BIKE CLASS??"
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Huh. So it's kind of like Freestyle BMX on a stationary bike.
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Finally, Korea can step out from under Japan's dirty-panty-vending-machine weirdness shadow.
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dgran - ever ride one of the new Lemond trainers, with the integrated cassette? It's been a while since I've been on a CompuTrainer, so I can't make an accurate comparison, but the Lemond trainer has an unrealistically real (yeah, I said it) sense of inertia and road feel. Totally awesome, but very expensive. Keeps me going back to my friend's shop for "cleat alignment." "Uh, yeah, can you put me back on the trainer and shoot lasers at my knees? You know... uh... mostly I just want to be put on that trainer I can never afford..."
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Wow. That was so much....... more than I was expecting it to be.
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I kept expecting Chairman Kaga to show up and the video to turn into an episode of Iron Chef meets Richard Simmons meets Chinese acrobats.
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