A hundred things you should read
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(About) 100 fantastic pieces of journalism from the editor of the Atlantic. Some stuff has been posted here before, but there is much that is new. So read about: The man who broke the Price is Right, horrifying Argentine ant invasions (warning: features description of ants in a California home that will creep you out for a long time to come), the ethics of cloning Neanderthals, the rise of the order of Assassins, why Holder can't close Gitmo, Hooter's opening in Japan, how a jailhouse lawyer sued himself out of prison, and the reflections of one of the best writers of nonfiction alive. And about 90 other articles, all available online.
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Bookmarked for filling up Instapaper.
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Holy cow. Thanks, blahblahblah!
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That jailhouse lawyer article is awesome.
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A+ would favorite again.
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the price is right article is one of those peices of journalism that i thot, you know, why am i reading this, until i got about half way through, and then it was holy fuck this is genius.
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Well. I thought I had an Argentine ant problem until I read that article.

Now I am simultaneously relieved that mine isn't anywhere near as bad as that AND freaking out at the imaginary ants that are now crawling all over me.
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For Kindle 3 users, I've been using Kindlebility for a week now and it's the best way to move articles onto the Kindle. Easiest most automated way to move stuff.

Great find.
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Ok, I just read all these and let me just say that I TOTALLY DISAGREE. I MEAN, WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT AMIRITE!?

Heh. Fantastic post. Thanks.
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"As a person who has had ants in his underwear, however, I have to say that what makes their presence particularly irksome is not the momentary discomfort but rather the knowledge of why they're there. They're not just passing through, you see, on their way to somewhere else. They're not in your underwear by accident. They're nation-building."

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Having already read the TPIR article before, if the rest are as good, I now have something to do this weekend. Thanks!
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The Price is Right article has left me feeling . . . strange. I just don't know what to think. Who is lying? Is it really possible that nobody is?
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I've really been enjoying these... The Price is Right, the tainted cocaine, neanderthal cloning... super-interesting stuff. Glad to see that Garry Shandling article in there too, that was easily the best article in an unusually fun issue, and one of the best celebrity profiles I've ever read.
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Somewhere, a Readers Digest editor facing plummeting sales is reading this thread and contemplating suicide.
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nitpicky: Conor Friedersdorf is not the editor of The Atlantic, he is an associate editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about politics and national affairs.
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I had to stop reading the article about killer whales. Too sad.
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Previously from last year.
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