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Saw this earlier today, and it is awesome.
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I was so disappointed when I learned that the "G6" in "Like a G6" stood for the Gulfstream G650. Is "G650" really so long that it needs to be abbreviated? So ubiquitous that the abbreviation should be expected to be universally understood in a new metaphor?

Granted, the Pontiac G6 isn't impressive enough to be considered the epitome of "fly". And the most impressive G6 long ago became the G8 became the G-20... so it's not like there are any *better* meanings to pick from. But why pick such a stupid lyric in the first place?

Then I learned what "sizzurp" was, and it all started to make sense.
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Roll a D6. Holy crap. I love it.
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Okay, I'm gonna need a Hip-hop check for anybody in a 20 foot radius of the camera there.

You rolled a what? That's not good, uh—lemme check the Flow table.

Ouch. Um. Hm. Yeah, that's definitely Wack. Wait--yup. You're a Wack MC. Sorry, man. That's the way the dice go sometimes.

Yeah, I'm gonna need that sheet. You should probably just go ahead and, uh, roll up another character.
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Well, as long as we're posting D&D songs.
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I'd make a girls that look like that don't play D&D snark, but Felicia Day has thankfully killed that argument forever.
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This would make Gary Gygizzle so proud.
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Why would she say she's a wizard when she's clearly the ranger?
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Drinking Coke and eating twizzlers instead of drinking Dew and eating Cheetos?


Plus the DM is also playing a Wizard character? Smell like a DMPC to me. I was going to call out the sword and bow on the female "wizard" but I guess she could be a generic elven wizard of some sort.

It's kinda superficial fun but unlike the Community D&D episode I felt like it was more directed at poking fun at D&D geeks rather than representing it as a fun thing to do. This was enhanced by her reluctance to admit her activities to her friend.

Man I sound really neckbeardy in this comment but man I'm kinda getting tired of geek pandering.
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"I'm going to die? Roll a D6? Why am I rolling for my own damage? And what level am I that a D6 is perilous?"

But the song is nice. So that's nice.

And here, have this video: Red Fang: Prehistoric Dog
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I saw this last night right before playing Dresden Files (whose 6-sided dice aren't d6's.) Good times.
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and then there is always this
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Dude #2 has a cool voice. Like if Tone Loc were into free/open source software.
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I miss gaming. Darn toddlers getting in the way with their naps, needs, and such.
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Reference stereotypes, it's making fun of nerds. Have your own style, nerds aren't really like that.

Get the details wrong, it's exploiting geek-chic. Get the details right, the flow of your song suffered because you obsessed over details.

Seems like you really can't win if you're looking to make a song about gaming.
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I was so disappointed when I learned that the "G6" in "Like a G6" stood for the Gulfstream G650. Is "G650" really so long that it needs to be abbreviated?

The real question is why Gulfstream decided that they need to call it the 650 rather than 6, like all their previous models.
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Oddly enough, I wrote a parody called "Like A d6" for No Shame Theater in Iowa City last year for one of the shows, I think in November or December. We performed it with live synths, at that. We're performing it tomorrow for Best Of No Shame, as well. So it's really weird that I saw this post five minutes after we finished practicing.
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I like it. The video manages to get at some of why RPGs are so great, while poking a little fun at the conventions but also getting its facts mostly right. And, most importantly, it doesn't wallow in geek self-loathing. Well done.
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I would buy this song. I want to buy this song. HELP ME BUY THIS SONG
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Old school, no feet, only measure yards
Sippin Cure Lights like my scars got scars
Who got my money? Like an Old Dirty Bard
You can fuck feats I'm the chief
multiclass Fighter/Magic-User/Thief
Makes it all complete
And yeah a cleric cause I make miracles in sheets
Wish to be me and use all your rings
I'm name level and straight 18's
Pulling a full house outta a Deck of Many Things
You can random encounter all these balls in your face
And if you supposed to be Tiamat
You get 5 times the taste
You just 0 level and left deep in the gutter
While I'm emanating nothing but
Mordekainen's Protection from Busters.

- Triple 6 Stat Party, "High Level Players"
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Nah it's cool guys it's on iTunes I know you were real worried about me getting to buy it but I got this handled thanks
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why does the ranger want to fight the undead? that's clearly a job for their cleric...
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Saw this earlier today and yeah, I'm a fan of it.

Obviously you'd never roll a D6 in that circumstance but they had to have the hook for their parody so I'll let it slide, especially since there's a goblin doing the worm.

This was enhanced by her reluctance to admit her activities to her friend.

Nah. I think there's still a bit of stigma around it, but that the intro here was more of a, "since you're prodding, let me jump into it passionately" sort of thing.

And yeah, one of our group just had her old character die, and rolled up an Elvin Cleric (we were desperately in need of healing) and last session it became painful once we realized that she'd forgotten to give herself a bow. I appreciate any magic user that remembers to also stock up on ranged physical attacks.
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OMG - that looked just like my basement when my son lived here! Ha!!

*right down to the Twizzlers.
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Those brand-name soda bottles are featured very prominently, and have their own lyric. Did they swing some product-placement deal?
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Loved it, cute and awesome. If only ubiquitous video and special effects were available to me when I was a teenager. I miss DandD; totally don't have the time anymore.
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Nice set o' links, including the video of course.

Will someone explain why these shoes don't come in women's sizes? So very unfair.
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why does the ranger want to fight the undead? that's clearly a job for their cleric...

Perhaps some kind of undead is her favored enemy.
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Of All Things, Dungeons & Dragons Gets a Fragrance Line

...unless you're into playing Dungeons & Dragons in your free time, you probably have no idea what a Paladin Orc is, let alone what one smells like. Well, now, if you have any desire to find out, you can, thanks to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Inspired by the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D for short), the online fragrance house has created a line of 16 mix-and-match perfume oils that are meant to evoke each aspect of your mythical D&D character.

So, for example, in the D&D world, my boyfriend's roommate is a Rogue Half-Elf (who knew?). That means he would layer the Half-Elf oil (white sandalwood, beeswax, white tea leaf, and musk) with the Rogue oil (black leather, hemp, and rosi). "That's just like me!" my Rogue Half-Elf friend exclaimed—jokingly—when I explained his blend. "But it is a bit bizarre," he admitted. "I mean, if I was hitting on a girl at a bar and she complimented me on my scent, I wouldn't want to tell her that I'm a Level 15 assassin." An astute observation.

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Is the original song about the pontiac?
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Just wanted to drop this horrible bit of knowledge as I came across it last week: Tough guy Vin Diesel: a huge D&D nerd.
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