First arrest made.
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First arrest made. "The suspect was arrested because authorities have determined that the individual has information highly relevant to the investigation and is a high-flight risk". Also Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA were revealed to be targets by the FBI.
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Geez owillis, you're worse than the local news. The article clearly states that the FBI doubts the credibility of the informant that said Richmond and Atlanta were targets. If you can't summarize accurately, just put up a link.
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actually, owillis is BETTER than the local news, being as we can contact him and tell him when he is wrong.

and more than likely he's willing to admit it.

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Well, I am none to happy to hear this. I live in Richmond, and considered it to be safe from this threat.

There has been a really heightened state of alert here, and several "incidents" in and around town. I wouldn't be surprised to find out later that there was action here.
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Ouch, ouch - very sorry. I was rushing. Damn it!
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If the terrorist were targeting "icons of US culture" as reported, what better icons than Coca Cola or CNN? Both are located within a mile of each other in downtown Atlanta. CNN has only recently set up secure emergency facilities, miles away from the main downtown location.
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Security at CNN remains pretty tight; one's badge is scrutinized much more closely than usual, and employees' bags are being searched. There are also many more security people than usual around the place, and I for one appreciate it. (I'm an employee.)

Unlike Tuesday, the general public is now allowed into the building, I believe. (I'm not usually there during the day, so I can't be sure.) The atrium in CNN Center has a food court and is a tourist magnet.

CNN also has (and has had for years) many backup production facilities -- in Atlanta at the Turner Entertainment Networks facility and elsewhere in the world, including New York, Washington, London, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Mexico City.

Besides...terror campaigns depend on people knowing that they've been attacked. Why would a terrorist take out one of the better-known sources for worldwide news?
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