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I used to listen to a lot of music that sounded a lot like these guys, but that was in the 80s. Kinda cool that people are still doing this. Also, Rick Astley is identifiable no matter what you do to him.

Thanks for the Rick-roll.
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Holy cats, the second one features Farm Fresh Girl's ancestor!
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More Xtian rock. The world needs this?
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so many appropriations of/hommages to various 70's-90's cultures it was making my head spin.
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I think this is a good time to clean the refrigerator.
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rad. i started checking this stuff out a while back simply because of the "witch house" tag this stuff gets labeled under. how can i pass up something called witch house? i think WHITE RING is the one i like the best.
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I wish I had these tapes of wierdo industrial music I made in 1996 with scream tracker and primitive .wav editors. I feel validated for it now.

MSV was the first "witch house" band I noticed, their aesthetic of crosses in the text seems common in a lot of it - or it's all the same artist. I really hate salem for the record, but I like slowed down music. I found this yesterday, there's no distortion - it's just slowed down. Amazing.
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Or you might try Demdike Stare's ambient. XLR8R P-cast.
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thylacine: MSV was the first "witch house" band I noticed, their aesthetic of crosses in the text seems common in a lot of it - or it's all the same artist.

There are a good number of "unsearchable" artists who found a new assortment of ASCII characters and went crazy. Some changed their names for the easier to spell (Horse MacGyver was formerly ///▲▲▲\\\), and you can almost find LAKE R▲DIO, but they're still playing it weird. Phantasma Disques is home to many of these witch house artists with hard to spell names, including Mater Suspiria Vision.

I like slowed down music

If you do not yet know of them, may I introduce you to The Knife? The brother/sister duo who really like distorted vocals, pitched both up and down.
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Yeah, I know The Knife, and more so, the amazing antic/music of Fever Ray. One of the few things that made me go WTF in a meaningful way last year (that thing on a Swedish awards show, Fever Ray is amazing.)
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Filthy light theif,

My noisy classmate use a coffin in the name of his newest album, people assumed he made witch house based on that. He make music that sounds more like Muslimgauze. It's way abrasive, the next step past just slowing down songs.
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Holy moly – Can people give me more of a background/progression/origin story of where witch house (which I'm assuming these guys are representative of) originated? I'd like to think I'm a well-versed musical kinda guy (read: hipster) but I have no idea where to place these guys in my mental musical miliéu (good band name btw). Thanks!
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So Witch House is a subgenre of electronica inspired by 1970's Cosmopolitan magazines and Dario Argento's horror films? Do I have that right? What's next, Electro Goth?
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Yeah, this has taken me right back to my nineties electro/industrial obsession. And that is not a complaint.
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The guy who invented the term actually says that it's a joke that went too far.
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It has already came full circle. In a fashion magazine last month, there was a spread of 1970s looking photographs. They all looked like they were stills from a Hitchcock or European horror director.

I'm way into the appropriation of 1970s films.

@kurosawa's pal

I don't know... I think it's because of weed or Oxycotin. I heard about it through either Gorilla Vs. Bear or Hipster Runoff. Eventually I found a blog full of it. I was attracted to the visuals of the bands. Lots of occult and retro imagery.

Actual pain has a lot of good mixes. Some of it's slowed down, some of it's old goth music. If you look at it all together you can sort of get an idea of where witch house came from. They also make clothes. If you look at their page, their fashion and remixes are influenced by 70s Italian horror.

I mean yeah, if a fashion store was showing Dario Argento movies and offering cheap bear, I would be there.

Just another thing perpetuated by blogs.

People have compared it to crunk rap music (which is also fun,) etc. I dig some of it, if it's not talking about raping people SALEM. HRO gave it the unofficial name "rape gaze."
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I would also like to know the etymology of the name.

Mater - Indian food? Mater Paneer?

Suspiria - The film, thanks raven haired girlfriend in 1996.

Vision - whatever.
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I downloaded about 5 albums worth of their stuff and I think I only found like 2 tracks I ever wantd to hear again. Definitely the low-hanging fruit of the witch house tree, for me.
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