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L'Brondelle's Universe—I'd describe it as Tim and Eric with the Dada-meter cranked way up. SLYT
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No, that's L'Brondelle. With an e. An extra one. At the end. And that makes all the difference. L'Brondell doesn't have the cool Video Toaster scene-change effects; he just has his cameraman put his hand in front of the lens between scenes. Much better production values here, and L'Brondelle-with-an-e-an-extra-one-at-the-end much more resembles a younger Harry Shearer. Because L'Brondell-without-an-e-an-extra-one-at-the-end doesn't have a mustache. Of course, L'Brondell's milk drinking scene is better without the mustache, but otherwise L'Brondelle is far superior.
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It has ALOT taken from Chris Morris and the fantastic BRASS EYE.
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Yes! Brass Eye! Let's all watch Brass Eye now instead. Anyone have a link?
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Brass Eye E1p1
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More Brass Eye: Bad AIDS. Entire episodes appear to be available online, of which the crown jewel is of course Paedogeddon. (both extremely NSFW, of course)
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Actually, though, I don't think it's quite as big a rip off of Brass Eye as all that. It has some Look Around You and (as per the FPP) Tim and Eric public-access-esque weirdness (Fact!) mixed in there too. (Anyway, I laughed; thanks for posting.)
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(oops, Tim and Eric link take 2!)
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Really bizarre - that link is supposed to go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x068o6Wtw4.
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I'd describe it as I would any other tethered vegetable dangling from a flagpole at night.
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I mean, I see the relation to Brass Eye (he talks a little about the influences that went into this one in the comments), but... so? I wish this FPP went a little more in-depth into the kinds of things this guy is doing. This is the first I've heard of him, but after a few minutes of looking at his stuff:

I want his equipment.

Miususe of Sesame Street.
Some less ironically interesting music and animation.
A trailer for a film that would simultaneously be a too-close parody of modern rom-coms and a movie I would watch.
And, well, just kind of a lot of different stuff.
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Haha, oh man, DDP is finally doing things with his internet money. I met that guy, I saw his C64 which he used to edit videos and his game boy camera. That man is the most legitimate artist I have ever met.
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This is just amazing. Sometimes T&E go way over my head, but I could probably tolerate watching this on a weekly basis - perhaps at a set time on basic cable channel.
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Look closely. The picture of Jesus doesn't exist. And the jewels are a knife. And the knife is a gun.
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Oh man, the more I watch this the funnier it gets... especially the "look again" sequence.
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the joke is that the people are ugly
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I'm not going to lie to you; I would watch the holy crap out of that show. And love it, just as I love Look Around You. And also Tim and Eric.

Thanks, L'Brondelle. Throndelle.
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In the related vids - I never ever ever ever ever wanna hear Clint Howard talking about his hemorrhoids again. NEVER.
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Haha, oh man, DDP is finally doing things with his internet money

Can someone explain this? I loved this clip but I'm not familiar with the guy.
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He won $10,000 to buy video editing computer stuff and now he's using it.
posted by Joseph Gurl at 10:11 PM on May 8, 2011

So that's what David Arquette has been up to.
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I didn't see the second part, about the Milk, until today. When he poured the second bottle of milk, I completely lost it.

This was brilliant.
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