Dream Sequence
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Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi + Tere Bina Aag Yeh Chandni: Dream sequence from the 1951 Hindi film, Awara. "The film, generally considered one of Kapoor's finest, is notable for its darkly surreal sets... and for its remarkable dream sequence, which echoes this architecture in an evocation of heaven and hell. Despite its ultimate vindication of patriarchy and capitalism, the film became an enormous hit in the U.S.S.R. and, thanks to Chairman Mao’s reputed fondness for it, in China (to this day, millions of middle-aged Chinese can hum its title song)." You can view the other musical numbers from the film here.
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Ghar aaya mera pardesi with subtitles.
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interesting. good post
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"I need you, I love you ... my Raj Kapoor" I was always sure that the opening sample was from a Kapoor flick but was never sure which.
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Fantastic! And who's the big guy with the knife?
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Raj Kapoor was just 26 when he directed it.

FWIW as an arbiter of taste, Time magazine once made a list of 10 classic Bollywood films, Awara included (listed chronologically).
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a bit more modern, similar theme:

Pardesi Pardesi jaana nahin
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Great post, thanks. As Youtube's blocked in China, rather than fire up the VPN I watched some of the songs on the local social video sites and the comments were indeed full of people reminiscing about how popular this was when they were young.
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So hell is full of men and heaven is full of women. That certainly vindicates the patriarchy ... I think.
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Princess Beatrice royal wedding exciter at the fifty-second mark.
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