Cricket on the halo deck?
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"This Imperial dOvewalker COOs his way into a Big Surprise. Parveen says let him have it with the dOveton Launcher 3000! He won't know what hit him after attacking my planet." Just another tale from the The Pakistani Starfleet Explorers. Via boingboing.
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This is fucking awesome.
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(I'm speechless. I like it, but there are no other words.)
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One of those doves looks like Garrick.
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I know the artists reasonably well, (well enough to have a conversation when passing on the street, not well enough to invite him to a hot tub party,) to say he's eccentric would be to torture the outer boundaries of the word eccentric.

He lives in his families giant compound in Palm Springs, he has created giant robot dinosaurs of frankly dubious artistic merit all over the yard, so a florescent orange tyrannosaurus made from old vacuum cleaners, spray foam, tires and a VW Beatle peer over a palm tree out of the yard. His big thing is having the biggest Christmas light display in the world, which he very well may. Every inch of the compound gets covered in lights, and it's open to the public.

He's a real original, in the best sense of the word.
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Finally the link I was looking for - he naturally was also interested in pigeons that shot beams from their eyes.
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I love Peshawar پشاور Cronosphere Rocket Horse Racers but their first album was better.
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That's the same guy right?
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I was all poised to dislike this (automatic B B reaction) and then I saw this :)

Thrs Hydn s stll n ss thgh.
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You know who else loved pigeons and death rays?

Please be Mike Tyson... pleasepleaseplease...


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Totally photoshopped.
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I like pigeons. This is my favorite type of pigeon. I don't think it can shoot lasers out of its eyes or anything, though.
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In case you guys may have foregten, he's the one who decorated Conan's Christmas set last year.
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