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This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow (SLYT) Featuring Michael Bolton and The Lonely Island
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I knew the dog woke me up a half hour early for a reason, it was to watch THIS!

Thanks, funniest thing I've seen in a while.

From now on, when kids at my school start rapping in the hall, I know how to respond...
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Went into that thinking it'd be about Torchwood, was momentarily confused, and then very happy. Thanks!
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Their mothers day song.
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This is still the best one (very NSFW)

And damn, Bolton can actually sing. Who knew?
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And damn, Bolton can actually sing. Who knew?

However, can anyone identify his sunglasses?
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The cut to Erin Brockovich after the Tony Montana "pussy just waiting to get fucked" line is masterfully disturbing.
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I'm still partial to "I Just Had Sex" (don't watch it at work unless you hate your job!). Haven't watched this one yet, but the Michael Bolton content gives me pause -- they haven't jumped the shark with this one, right?
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they haven't jumped the shark with this one, right?

Giant Squid.
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Man, I love the Lonely Island. I didn't know about this until Tuesday when they were on Q and they were playing bits of it. They never fail to put a smile on my face. I realize this puts me in line with people I don't often think I have anything in common with, but I can't care.

And yes, I prefer "I Just Had Sex" too for all its bombastic glory.
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I was so happy to actually be watching SNL last weekend when this came on. I think this is my second favorite Lonely Island song, afterI'm on a Boat.
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Michael Bolton just went from a punch line to a hero to a generation.
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The best part about this is how willing Michael Bolton was to look like an ass. Guy has a sense of humor. Who knew?

(Michael Bolton is a cinephile.)
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A little background on the video: Michael Bolton interview
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I watched it on SNL and there was this "holy shit, that's Michael Bolton" moment. I'll never think of him in the context of "Office Space" again.
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Yes! Well done, MB. Well done!

Great timing to. Okay yeah I get it, MB is saying Jack Sparrow, funny WOAH GOOD MAKEUP!
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The new album is hilarious... hadn't seen this video, but that shit is funny...
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Damn. Wrong Michael Bolton.
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Love it. Almost posted this video, and I, too, would have titled the post, Now Back to the Good Part!
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My wife and I caught the last half of that video last Saturday, and then watched the full thing again on Netflix Instant earlier this week. The mornings this week have entailed me singing "This is the tale...of Captain Jack Sparrow..." loudly while making coffee. It's a pretty great earworm.
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Wow. Michael Bolton = incredibly good sport. Nice.
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Sorry but this is the second funniest music video I've seen this morning. The first: Red Fang's newest masterpiece.
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So awesome my eyes leaked a little water.

The flamethrower blast coming from the grenade launcher was the icing on this very amazing cake.
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I've had this song stuck in my head for the past three days. I normally have a real dislike of Michael Bolton singing anything (my mother played him constantly when I was growing up), but his contribution here is just great.
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photoslob: best video ever!
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I think these guys are honestly one of the best things going in mainstream comedy right now, and have been for a while.

The video and song are brilliant and their new album is also worth checking out, though the best stuff is really the stuff that was on SNL. Their original stuff isn't quite as strong on Turtleneck and Chain (with the possible exception of "Japan", which I could see becoming a Digital Short easily).

I'm going to go ahead and recommend Hot Rod as one of the funniest movies of the last decade. I sort of use it as a litmus test for whether we can be friends or not.
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Saw this on SNL and the whole family loved it. I think my husband and I were more like, "Michael Bolton has a sense of humor!? Who knew!" while the kids were just into The Lonely Planet video (who's Michael Bolton? Huh. Well, anyway, this is hilarious!).

Totally agree that TLP is the funniest thing on SNL, too. i think my kids played "I'm on a Boat!" twenty times when we were on our way to a cruise over Spring Break.

And to forestall the outraged, "You let your kids watch this stuff?" derail, they are 16 and 17 and hear worse at their high school every day.
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Misha - You're watching it WITH your kids, which makes you a great parent.
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"Like a Boss" was probably the one that made me laugh hardest, until the end when it started to get a bit lazy.
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This song has been on repeat in my head since Sunday. It's gotten to the point where I've started singing, "This whole town's a pussy..." in public, then embarrassingly trailing off. So funny.
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I wasn't mad about this when I saw it -- possibly because the Lonely Island guys at the bar macking on girls part was a little dull to me, although I understand it was meant as counterpoint. I dunno. It just didn't click. Except that, every morning when I wake up, going through my head is THIS IS THE TAIIILLL OF CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

And it's like, fuck yeah.
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God, anything to get that Friday song from Rebecca Black out of my head. Because today is Friday, Friday, Friday, yeah.
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I dunno, I honestly prefer Jack Parow without the S (previously).
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That would be an entirely different kind of song.
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My students give this a huge thumbs up and a big "who is Michael Bolton?"
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P.S.: I'm at work and hence haven't watched the video yet. I just realized that I've been reading "John Bolton" for "Michael Bolton."
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Impressive deconstruction of the "pop hook"!

It's funny yes, but not so funny as to justify the listener. Instead, it's just ridiculous hip-hop couple with pop hooks whose subject matters collide as messily as the styles. Exquisite.

Yes, Jizz in My Pants and I'm on a Boat are "funnier", but Andy Kaufman would be smiling. And yeah what Astro Zombie said. ;)

I'll lol if this gets this serious airplay in some country where few speak English. Imagine some kid working hard to decipher & translate these lyrics. lol

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Is this something I have to have seen Pirates of the Caribbean or know who Michael Bolton is to find funny?
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Please tell me we didn't kill the Red Fang video that photoslob linked up above. I saw it earlier and now I can't get to it. I really needed to see them drive through the milk again before I went to bed!!!
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So, did Disney pay them to do this, or what? It's pretty epic product placement, after all, and the timing is pretty suspicious. Is this so obvious nobody thought it was worth mentioning? It's both funnier and less funny if you watch it as a commercial for the 4th installment of a movie franchise based on a theme park ride.
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Nessun Dorma
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This was pretty hilarious, but I'd also like to give a shout-out to The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj and John Waters). Three great tastes that taste great together.
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I never thought I'd say this, but I'm with Michael Bolton on this one.
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So, did Disney pay them to do this, or what?

Huh, interesting question. Samburg et al are a bunch of fanboys, but then I remembered the Chronic-what?-cles of Narnia (Hulu, NBC) came out around the time that movie was in theaters (also Disney). But V for Vendetta (A Day in the Life of Natalie Portman) was a Warner Bros. movie.
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