They've finally reached an agreement
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They've finally reached an agreement that will allow China to become members of the World Trade Organization. I'm not sure I buy the idea that allowing them in will help "bring domestic political liberalization". Although this probably would have made big news a week ago, it was buried in the Reuters Business News today.
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probably because the mainstream american media is very much a corporate concern.
that is when it isn't directly lead by the armed forces/spooks.
CNN in military takeover?
The US news channel CNN has admitted that it allowed ‘psychological operations’ officers from the US Military to work as interns during the war in Kosova. No wonder, then, that CNN’s reporting of the war was largely a bunch of old generals advocating bombing the country. The company denies being influenced by the military presence. As one commentator wrote, "Maybe CNN was the target of a psy-ops penetration and is still too naive to figure out what was going on". The Guardian 12/4/00

or selling weapons itself! not bang up to date, but still interesting. CBS = Westinghouse

'General Dynamics and Boeing have not been the only firms to cash in on the Reagan arms sales boom, which actually got a running start during the final year of the Carter term. From 1980 to 1985, nine firms made $1 billion or more in sales under the Pentagon's Foreign Military Sales program, while a tenth, Westinghouse, had $992 million in FMS contracts'
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Thank you for the post, elfgirl. That's important information, and I hadn't yet seen it anywhere else.
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If it took 15 years, why now? Has the recent tradegy made us all realize that our perception of power has changed? We are fragile beings, and the ideas of one individual can change our ideals....even the resentment toward China's politics.

Or are oportunists taking advantage of the US's economic instability?

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