Happy machine, inductance style
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Happy” was the theme we were given by the organizers for this year's F5 Re:Play Fest, held in April in NYC, to create this edition's pieces, probably the hardest thing to convey in any artistic expression. After a good deal of introspection, and teaming up with awesome motion graphics artist Gerardo del Hierro, we decided that happy wasn't happy for Physalia unless pliers, microchips and a bit of soldering were involved, and with this idea we resolved to create the happiest machine Physalia has built to date.

TimeLapsus is another cool Physalia film
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This is real? Tell me this is real and not computer generated. Jebus, I want this to be real sooooo bad.
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It's computer generated.
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...in a world where Festo exists it's hard to be sure anymore...
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The balls were rendered, these were the guys who did the animation apparently.
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Maybe (hopefully) this will inspire some intrepid soul to make a real one (if such a thing is possible).
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Hope they have better luck than this guy...
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Put a neo magnet in each ball for crude lift, then for maglev add a bias coil, pcb, and power supply. Maybe power them remotely with a high freq coil (or each ball would need a weighty battery.) They'd have to remain far apart to keep the magnets from interacting.

Either way, the lift magnet diameter needs to be MUCH larger than the lifting distance. Use a 30FT magnet disk in the ceiling. The ceiling magnet needs no power supply, just use perm magnets, perhaps a few $1K of 2" neo magnets stuck to a steel slab.

I think NASA was working on such things for use in zero-g where there's no need to first cancel the significant weight. Move and rotate multiple magnets using a coil array. Do it in a water tank with coils inside neutral boyant spheres.
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