Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1977
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I’m sitting aboard Caesar’s Chariot, Led Zeppelin’s customized Boeing 707 jet. Appropriately named after the conquering emperor who was ultimately doomed by an addiction to his own glory, this flying fortress now carries onboard an invading modern-day musical force. Steven Rosen's account of the 1977 North American tour.
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The classic bootleg recordings are Cleveland (April 27) and Los Angeles (June 21).
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A Hammond organ built into the bar on the airplane?

Not a grand piano, or a pipe organ?

Poser lightweights.
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My uncle was a pilot flying some Saudi oil people around in, iirc, a 727. He said the cockpit was gold plated. Literally and actually gold plated. All the controls, dials, etc. Gold plated. He flew two people in it from LA to Dubai (or some similar route) and the fuel bill was around $60000. There are people in this world so rich that they drop $60000 like you and I fill up a tank of gas in our car.
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A Hammond organ built into the bar on the airplane?

Their designer really pulled out all the stops.
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There are people in this world so rich that they drop $60000 like you and I fill up a tank of gas in our car.

I truly think that you are understating how rich they are. I can't afford to fill up my tank anymore.
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The 1977 version of Led Zeppelin is the reason that punk rock was so needed.
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The Starship was used on Alice Cooper, Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John and Peter Frampton tours.

Yeah, Olivia Newton-John, she was something else...
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The 2007 version of punk is the reason that Led Zeppelin was so needed.
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John Paul Jones, on Steven Rosen, per Rosen: "He told me he thought I was a lowlife piece of shit and the worst writer he’d ever read. . ."

Worst, I can't say, but Rosen sure does ramble on.
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Only one bed?
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I'd heard the same thing about the 1979 version of Pink Floyd.
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Rosen comes across as a kinda weasel. If I was a bored and jaded rock-star, I would instinctively distrust him.
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There is a fascinating story about Zeppelin on tour in '77, but alas it is not the story Steven Rosen has chosen to tell us. Were I his (somewhat sardonic) editor, I might advise Mr. Rosen that the facts of Led Fucking Zeppelin on tour at the absolute apex of their fame and excess are compelling even at their most myopic level of detail. What were the ashtrays like? What kind of background music was playing during the orgy? That sort of thing.

Whereas the exact reason why John Paul Jones had a bone to pick with Guitar Player magazine in 1977? Yeah, sorry, Steve-O - that's really not the meat of your story here.
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Zeppelin comes off like Spinal Tap, but meaner and with more money.
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They were Led !)(!#% Zeppelin, for !#)(*!%#'s sake!
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The thing I love about that plane is the fact that it had a fireplace installed. There's a photo here.
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Note upholstery pattern.
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Oh, Jimmy in his SS hat.
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They lived the motherfucking dream and you guys are just jealous.
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I'm so so sad the music industry has collapsed and we can't have stories like this any more.

So sad.

ps I'm not actually
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There certainly was a reason that Zeppelin had a hatred of the press. Rolling Stone and Crawdaddy were notorious for only liking acts with a strong emphasis on lyrics (Dylan, The Band, etc.) and were huge in the 60s. And then you got bonus points if you came out of San Francisco or let Jann Wenner hang around backstage. Most early music critics had zero background in music, they were all journalism majors. So all they could write about was lyrics. Hell, they didn't even understand Pink Floyd back then. So the crop of extremely loud bands exploded right at the end of the decade were very declasse. And Zeppelin, the biggest of those bands, thought it was pretty unfair. So other than Cameron Crowe and Lisa Robinson, they trusted absolutely no one in the rock press. Add to that an insular bubble the band was living in and it was a recipe for utter paranoia.

And for those looking for a good boot, try the Madison Square Garden show from '75, especially the matrix mix. With the right stereo you could use it to ground planes at your local airport.
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I enjoyed "LZ-'75" by Stephen Davis, which came out last year. It's the story of the 1975 tour.

Given Plant's persisting health problems, even back then, and his already strained and injured vocal cords, it's probably a blessing that they never got together recently apart from the one London concert.
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