Why you in my ear rhymin? It's not American Idol, I'm not Simon
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Music artists have long talked about trying to get into the game, getting pestered by those trying to get into the game, and unceremoniously falling out of the game. Want to get your music heard by the industry? Violator's Chris Lighty has an answer. Pleaselistentomydemo.com.
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This is the future. No hits, all subgenres.
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Pay to play...somehow I don't think paying ten bucks a pop to send a demo is the smartest thing in the world. So much of this stuff is who you know anyway.....unless you know and trust the people behind this I would be pretty leery.
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Who cares about labels anymore?
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"Each track uploaded costs $10 USD." from the FAQ

Nice that Lighty has found a way to capitalize on all the kids wanting to break into the music.

What a great plan, $10 is too cheap to get upset about, and the number of kids out there wanting to break in the business is nearly unlimited.

$$$$$$'s are gonna add up fast..
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I'll listen to your demo for just $9.
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I thought the name was clever.
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@zompist - will you listen to our demos or upload to a public site for the world to see? There's a bit of a difference for that one dollar saving. Even a plummeting American dollar! ;)
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I will take your money to raise your faint hopes to dizzying heights, in order to increase the pleasure of watching the crushing disappointment that accompanies the dawning realization that no, child, you won't be a famous rockstar after all.

Also, this coming from the CEO of Violator Management is just exquisite.
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I've been sending 10 bucks to mathowie every time I upload a song to Metafilter Music. But I haven't gotten a phone call from the industry yet. I keep thinking "when is the industry gonna call?" Still, I reckon once I hit 130 posts over there, it's gonna turn around. Shit's gonna get large.
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If Rebecca Black had used this instead of going viral, we'd have all been better off...
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If Rebecca Black had used this instead of going viral, we'd have all been better off...

Are you kidding me? Rebecca Black gave the world one of the most valuable things ever: an incredibly catchy pop song devoid of any nontechnical craftsmanship whatsoever. It is what exists when you know exactly what gets stuck in people's heads and nothing else whatsoever.

When I listen to pop music now, I have a valuable benchmark. I can ask myself, What does this song give me that Friday didn't? And by this metric I can figure out which pop artists might continue to excite me, and which ones are just cynically playing the game.

And then I listen to the cynical pop and throw all the exciting stuff away, because honestly? The reason I like pop music isn't that it's good.
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If you can draw record a demo, your future is secure!

Thousands paid $1.00
to take this amazing test.
To meet the ever-increasing demand
for artists needed for higher-paying jobs,
this talend test is now offered
FREE. Quantity limited. Write today!

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This seems to be the little demonic relative of A&R Select. May more of this BS please surface so people can completely forget that "who you know" comes from making actual connections in the outside world. No matter how democratized the internet might appear to be, it sure ain't and never will be a great equalizer, though there are certainly a growing number of exciting ways to part with your money.

Wouldn't it be nice if more people were concerned with sharing their talents with their immediate community versus desperately vying for some bloated ideal of success where millions of strangers bask in your glory. Yeesh.
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What I've heard is that A&R guys only want bands that are already famous or have their own local following. Which is a little ironic, the whole point of getting signed in the past was to become famous.

These days "#1 records" sell 100-250k on the first day. The music industry is dried up and the days of A&R people as the gateway to stardom are pretty much gone.
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Aspiring musicians are almost surely better off assigning each band member some portion of the non-musical work necessary to go it alone today.

If you fail, well one band member learned the production stuff, one knows web development, one gained experience doing promotion, etc.

Ideally, we should replace the music industry by freelance promoters who're paid purely based upon how must they can increase sales.
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I just lost the Game.
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