Flottille - amazing water-powered origami
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Flottille by Etienne Cliquet. Exquisite moving origami powered by the capillary action of the paper.
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When I was a little, little kid, I remember Jack & Jill magazine had a page of little flowers to cut out, and to use the sharp edge of the scissor to curl the petals (mom, of course, did all those parts); then you put it in a bowl of water, and the petals would unroll like the one towards the end of the video. It was one of the coolest things ever, which is probably one of the few things I remember from my preschool years.
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Neat. Very soothing. I wish there was a latenight cable show of this sort of thing with some soft piano music I could fall asleep to.
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Nice find.... thanks.
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And in the category of "art that destroys itself"...

This was so much fun to watch. I'm bookmarking this as a future midmorning meditation aid.
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That's great! Etienne must have great eyes to make those tiny things.
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I am delighted by this.
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Thank you for this.
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I feel like I'm going to hyperventilate.
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well technically since these all involve cut paper they are not correctly termed "Origami" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origami
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So true, it is exquisite. Love the pace of the opening, the delicacy. Really lovely.

Etienne Cliquet's other videos.

This Flotille one reminds me a little of those Japanese clam shell toys that I used to drop into water as a kid and watch the shells open with paper flowers inside that bloomed or those blooming tea things that seem to be popular these days.
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This rules.

(There's no sound...right? Or did my sound system conk out?)
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Really cool diffraction effects on the last couple. And did anyone else notice the water level gets lower and lower?
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I wonder if you could paint parts of the paper with some kind of hydrophobic substance to manipulate the degree of unfolding.
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C'est génial! But not to be confused with Ile Flottante.
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Deeply, deeply cool. Thank you! (And DU: I don't think there's sound since I wasn't hearing anything either.)
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Elegant and lovely. Thank you.
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