Details given for friendly audience about tactics, mistakes, funding and even entrepreneurial opportuneship.
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The Taliban made more money from the earth excavated by the tunnellers, which they drove out of the compound in trucks and sold in a nearby market, the article said.

Where there's a will, there's a way.
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Go Canada!
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which was supposed to enter the wing of the prison housing political prisoners, veered off to the right, "reaching a village close to the prison".

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Go Canada!

I thought they were no longer in charge of that prison, since those 900 prisoners escaped a few years ago. Anyways, not to worry. I hear Harper has an interest in building prisons that work like they have in the US.
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There must have been a mole amongst the prison staff.
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Tunnelling began from a building outside the prison walls that the Taliban turned into a cement workshop, which employed workers and produced building materials.

Work began on the tunnel only after the cement workers had finished work for the day, and cement blocks produced during the five-month operation were sold "making much profit".

They raised the funds for this by starting a legitimate business. I don't know why that's so funny to me. Maybe they're the only ones around with enough capital to start a business like that. If so, they should keep doing it. It sounds like a positive thing.
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They were assisted by one of a few inmates who were in on the plot. He found excuses to bang loudly on his cell floor to guide the tunnellers.

"Abdul, what are you doing?"
"Practicing my tap dance routine, O shaykh!"
"Why can you not be more like the other prisoners, Abdul? Always it is something different. Yesterday it was the weights, the day before it was the knock-knock joke tournament. By heaven, if you were not my wife's brother-in-law I would send you away from here."
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I know I am a bad person, but as a Canadian I could not care less about Kabul politics, and I'm sick of hearing about it on CBC. I hope our troops come home soon.
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That's kind of awesome.
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This prison escape is a serious setback in the Western World's plan for eventually giving up without achieving anything of note in Afghanistan.
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Dis ain't Pismo Beach!

But seriously, in a country that is essentially one big pile of rocks and soil, who the hell buys dirt in the market?
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