Ain't No Party Like a Leninist Party
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"The handover to a new president and premier has generated plenty of speculation in the press, about who the leaders are and what is will all mean, but sometimes it’s useful to go back and fill in the very basics, since China has a unique and in some ways quite confusing political system." A Primer on China's Leadership Transition. [via]
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Very informative. A little hard to follow all the many roles of the various players, but certainly more than I've seen explained previously. Thanks.
posted by briank at 4:55 PM on May 16, 2011

Chovanec's blog is filled with interesting observations about China, such as this map.
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StrikeTheViol -- Ah, that actually brings up a previous Metafilter post. I don't know if this constitutes a double or not as a result.
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Same blogger, different posts = not a double.
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Thank you for this very informative post.
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