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excerpt from blush, a dance film that came out a few years ago but I've never seen posted here, by wim vandekeybus/ultima vez
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Wow. The David Eugene Edwards score makes this even better. Going back to watch it a third time before getting out my 16 Horsepower albums. This is beautiful.
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I have the music that was released for this, but I've never seen the film. I've seen David Eugene Edwards live once (about a year ago). I got to talk to him afterward and he thanked me for loving his music and signed a CD. I was pretty sick when I went to see this, and I suffer from tinnitus, and this was pretty darn loud, but I was still happy.
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More on their website. [film & video → dance → Blush (2005) → video]
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I can't say that I understand it, but I did enjoy it.
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It wasn't until about 3:50, when the man on the ground and the woman upright walk together across the frame, that I realized it was like shadow-dancing, and then I really liked it. Thanks!
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After watching the trailer and hunting down more clips from this, and finding them increasingly unsettling, I got a copy of the movie and watched the whole thing. It's gorgeous and uncomfortable, and I'm very glad to have seen it.

I still have no idea what the story was, mind you. I'm going to watch with others and discuss it further before looking at whether Wim Vandekeybus explains it.
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