The best offense is a good defense?
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The best offense is a good defense? With all the halting of sporting events and the outspokenness of some athletes, Tuesday's tragedy certainly puts our pasttimes in perspective. But this column's perspective sort of irked me, just from statements like this: "When Monday morning comes, let our enemies know that we are coming after them the way the Baltimore Ravens go after a ball carrier." Come on. Should sports have continued this weekend?
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Absolutely, shoulda started playing sports by Friday at the latest. Well, that is I'm quite peeved they didn't, that every entertainment industry who could offer a respite from this 24-hour-a-day grievathon closed up shop, but I guess can understand holding off till Monday.

But honestly? It really felt like MLB/NFL/NCAA were pretty much in a big-dick pissing contest over who could be the most emptily pious and faux-respectful "in the face of this national tragedy". I'm surprised Selig and Tagliabue didn't devolve into a shouting match:

"You gonna cancel all games through the weekend? Well fuck you, muthafuckah, I'm gonna cancel the rest of the season! How do ya like dem apples, jerkwad?!"
"Cancel the whole season? Shit, man, I'm gonna cancel the fuckin' sport- we're gonna disband all the teams and shut down the stadiums!"
"Oh yeah?! Well, to show OUR respect is bigger than YOUR respect, we're gonna cancel even little league games, and lobby congress to make it a federal offense to even THINK about baseball! Ain't no one gonna accuse us of not being reSPECTful, dammit! We're the biggest badass respectful mofo's that ever LIVED!!"

And on, and on, and on...
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I was watching the Newcastle vs Manchester United match today on the telly, and it hit me what a wonderful distraction sport is.. I believe that on the day of the attack, there should have been no sport. The day after would also possibly have been disrespectful, as that should have been a day of mourning once everyone knew what happened. Anything after that is just silly - you are creating extra disruption to make the terrorists happy, and you are depriving people of something into which they can really channel their emotions, get away from somber thoughts in the same way as can be seen in the movie thread a little bit below..
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I'm glad they cancelled this weekend, but really hope they start in full force next weekend. If we retreat to our homes behind lock and key, the enemy wins.
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I definitely could have used the distraction of baseball this weekend. But I can't argue with its cancellation. The players prety much unanimously didn't want to play anyway...
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Baseball starts up again on Monday, and I believe it will be a powerful and moving symbol of our resilience and defiance. I definitely could have used sports this weekend as a respite from the nonstop looping of planes flying into buildings, but most of the NFL and MLB players didn't want to play this weekend. The New York Giants and Jets used to be able to see the towers from their practice facilities.
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I would've had the unprecedented experience of listening to the Mariners without them breaking through to me. Enjoying sport -- which is fundamentally play -- requires access to a sense of lightness, and that access is only sporadic at the moment. I'll be glad they're back by Tuesday. And hincandenza -- nice try, but that's unconvincing. Not every decision by a public institution is a priori absurd.
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Well, I was being hyperbolic- I tend to be that way. And while I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt to Selig et al, the sense I got, with the revised timetables every hour of when play would resume, was of people trying perhaps too hard to not seem insensitive by being the first to say "Play Ball!"

Right now, I could use the predictability of another surgically precise M's win...
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Actually, the reason sports shut down was very practical: no airlines. No way for the teams to travel.
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Also, just after a terrorist attack you (a fan) might think twice about placing yourself into a crowd of 50,000 in an environment with relatively weak security.
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What will be interesting is that on Monday Night Football, the Redskins (DC) will play the Packers at Lambeau Field (possibly the most "American" football stadium). I hope in a small, small, small way it can ease some of the pain and unite us.
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you (a fan) might think twice about placing yourself into a crowd of 50,000 in an environment with relatively weak security.

Isn't that why they have face scanners?

I too wish they had played sports this weekend - if only because the traditional Americana at the start of games (flag salute and singing of the anthem) would have actually of meant something.
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