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You could spend $600 or more for the dvd set, or you could just watch the first half (3 hrs) of the documentary mini-series here for free. Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood. Where It All Began :: Art's Promised Land :: The Unchained Camera
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Bookmarked, thank you!
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Any backstory on the gargantuan price tag? Is it simply long out of print & rare?
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I've watched the first 45 minutes of this, and already scribbled down a daunting list of (probably very difficult to track down) films I must see as soon as possible.

Thanks for this.
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Yeah where do you find these films..
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Any backstory on the gargantuan price tag? Is it simply long out of print & rare?

Yes - the linked page is an Amazon sales page, where some re-seller is offering a "new" copy for $599.99, or you could go with a used copy for $169.45 (or hey, VHS for $42.49!)
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That's more of a "current story" than a backstory.

Like, where only 20 copies ever made, or something? Or did it have a ridiculously short original pressing, a la the Criterion Collection Salo' DVD?
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Looks like a good watch, thanks. But wow, "the Other Hollywood"? It's an interesting perspective that sees the entire cinematic output of a continent as a counterpoint to one town's homogenised offering.
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(Previously; I still have the copy I downloaded from Google Video back then.)

Really great series. A number of the films I thought would be unobtainable were surprisingly easy to track down online -- it's a great time to be a film buff.
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