cool paintings of birds
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Cool paintings of birds by Maurizio Bongiovanni [embedded good music], an Italian-Chinese artist included in the sumptuous art blog ArtOdyssey, which is really worth exploring.

Maurizio Bongiovanni calls this series Bird Rib | Bongiovanni's photostream | here too | More examples of this collection and more and more (hard to get all the birds on one page).

You can turn off the music on the left side of the page under the art images, where there is an iPod shaped icon (the free app is MixPod).
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Very nice.

Reminds me of some Gerhard Richter landscapes. And while Richter could do those photo-realistic paintings, he also tried the more immediate approach of painting right onto photographs.

But whereas Richter was partially juxtaposing, the abstractions to these bird paintings seem to more naturally compliment the birds' beauty a lot (albeit in a jarring fashion).
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put a bird on it!

(these are great though, thx)
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love them
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