You Are Sleeping... You Do Not Want To Believe
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The Unexplained (subtitled Mysteries of Mind, Space, & Time) was a popular partwork magazine that came out in the UK in the early 80s. It explored various Fortean phenomenal like UFOs, ghosts and spontaneous human combustion but also scientific 'mysteries' such as black holes.

The first issue came with a flexidisk 'BREAKTHROUGH: An amazing experiment in Electronic Communication with the dead' (1, 2) featuring examples of EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon) Raudive voices. Specters Of The Spectrum. A sample from the recording was later used in 'Rubber Ring' by The Smiths.
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I found one of the issues of this in a box full of my dad's old physics magazines recently. There is a scan of it here on my site, if that's okay to link here.
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Man I loved the combination of creepiness and pseudoscience in this magazine as a kid. It hit the sweet spot for this 11 year old boy like you wouldn't believe. Playing that flexidisc of dead Ukrainians muttering bizarre phrases gave me delicious heebyjeebies. Found wavs of it on an old tripod site years ago and so have had it on my ipod for years too. Excellent for shuffle (off this mortal coil) mode.
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Holy Cow! I was a kid when this came out, and was really into science and space, but then I learnt about: voices of the dead coming through the radio, ESP, telepathy, Telekinesis, Spontaneous Human Combustion (which scared me silly), The Bermuda Triangle, UFOs. I remember being entranced and frightened and wondered why it wasn't in any of the "Atlas of the Earth" type books we had.

Wow, you have taken me on a right trip down memory lane. Kinda thanks I guess.
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Given that the most susceptible age for this stuff is between 10 and 15, I'm too old for "The Unexplained".

I got all my "true-story" creepy thrills from Frank Edwards books: Strange People; Strange World; Stranger than Science; Strangest of All.
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Yeah the mag was huge when I was a kid... coming out when Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World was on the telly covering the same stuff. I remember listening to the flexi-disk on my mate's ancient tiny inherited record player and it was pretty much terrifying at the time. Seemed to remember there were also a set of Zener cards with another issue and I remember my friends testing each other for ESP (I did quite well but I'm still waiting for my full Carrie powers to kick in)

My mate collected the whole thing over three years (which was an eternity when you're a kid). He'd moved away by then but I heard the final issues were of somewhat of a lesser quality than when it began... ie an article about a bloke whose spade kept disappearing from his shed and his eight year old son swearing he knew nothing about it.
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