America reCycled: The best web content I have seen in a while
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On one level America reCycled is simply the journal of two brothers riding recycled bicycles across the United States and meeting people. Lots of them. On another level it is a Homeric tale of an American adventure. It has been a long time since I have seen web content of this quality. The writing is superb, the videos so compelling you can't look away and the perspective gained is invaluable. I am positive this has been posted here before, but it certainly deserves a bump.
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Just watched the first video and it's pretty damn good. They are surviving on next to nothing eating road kill and dumpster diving. The editing and video quality is pro level. The writing is literary and philosophical look at dieing rural America. For the American road trip genre, this is different and very good. I'll be watching from the start.
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Asheville FTW!
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Yeah, this looks quite good. I can't watch any of the videos at work, but I like the writing. Thanks.
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And they don’t stop at roadkill. The kitchen is stocked with a constant supply of edibles lifted from dumpsters across the city. When you begin to see how blurry the line is between food and garbage, a whole host of financial pressures disappear.

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Holy hell, this is fantastic. Thanks!
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Yeah, I'm liking this too. I just had to share that line.
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this is fantastic.
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seriously great project. love t his quote - "you should listen when you're young. you can talk when you're old"
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As someone's who has crisscrossed the country a few times on a bike, it's always fun to hear of others and their experiences. Every one is different. Every one is unique. (that means you should go out and do it yourself!)

Shout out also to Boneshaker Almanac which is also a nice, delightful read about more of the down to earth riders of these simple machines.
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"Blinded by the promise of comfort and availability, people failed to appreciate that their entire culture was at stake."
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