The Comic Book Greats... And Some Other Dudes!
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In 1992, comic book titan Stan Lee produced and hosted an interview/chalk talk-type video series featuring some of the biggest names of the day and all-time greats: Todd McFarlane! Rob Liefeld! Sergio Aragones! Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis! John Romita and John Romita! Will Eisner! Bob Kane! Whilce Portacio! Jim Lee! Be amazed as Todd, Rob, Whilce, and Jim create a comic book! Be astounded as Rob and Todd, ably assisted by Smilin' Stan, create a comic book character right before your eyes!
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Bonus: Frank Quitely does it digitally. And without Stan.
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Watch Stan Lee hog the credit for Liefeld and McFarlane's creation right before your eyes!

I kid Mr. Lee. He's great and this post is great.

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Seeing the name "Rob Liefeld" near the phrase "all-time greats" made me throw up a little in my mouth. Bad enough that I have to grudgingly allow for the fact that I can't argue against him being one of the "biggest names of the day".
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"And here's a belt with some pouches on it..."

"You haven't drawn any feet Rob."

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MCFARLANE: We gotta add chains. The kids like chains.
LEE: He's rough, but not violent.
LIEFELD: Along those lines already, he's got the -- the biggest shoulder pads ever in existence. And a chest plate. You want to put some chains on him? Aw, that's cool.
LEE: I wish there was some way we could prove to the audience that you were adlibbing this right now.
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In the words of the great Chris Sims:

"...Stan imposes a two-minute deadline and starts egging Liefeld on to add more and more spikes to his wristbands, shoulder-pads, and any other available surface. Say what you want about the dude's costume designs, but come on, folks: The guy who wrote "This Man, This Monster" says to add spikes, you add spikes."
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Hunh, I thought I linked to the playlist for each episode, but the sidebar on the vids is showing suggested videos, not episode chapters. Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Sergio Aragones, Harvey Kurtzman & Jack Davis, The Romitas, Will Eisner, Bob Kane, Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, Create a Comic Book, Create a Character.
Stupid YouTube.
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"DTMFA!":AskMeFi relationship threads::"Rob Liefeld can't draw feet!":MeFi comic book threads
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Liefeld, dump the motherfuckin' feet/pouches/spikes already!
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So that's what Rob Liefeld looks like.
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There are only two autographs I've ever sought out in my life, because I generally think that seeking out someone's signature is a little silly.

Sergio Aragones was one of the exception.
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"DTMFA!":AskMeFi relationship threads::"Rob Liefeld can't draw feet!":MeFi comic book threads

I think it's more that he doesn't draw feet wherever possible, and when he does it supports the theory that he has no idea what feet actually look like.
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I love trotting out this old chestnut. It's not just feet that confound Mr. Liefield.
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Great post! This is going to eat up my day. It's easy to dump on Rob Liefield, and I mostly agree with the criticism, but he has his own style and he developed it when he was very young. JRJR was pretty crappy too when this was filmed, but he became better over time. Unfortunately didn't see that kind of evolution with Liefield.
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I still have a few of these on VHS. The Bob Kane video is great if only for his (sometimes) barely disguised bitterness. I loved the Kurtzman/Davis video. And is there a greater guy in comics than Sergio Aragones?
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Think I'll watch the Bob Kane one first. He's one of the few credit hogs more egregious than Stan Lee.
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Imagine trying to put a happy face on some of that '90s stuff!

KID: Hey Mr Comic Shop Guy, why does this guy have 85 teeth?
ME: Uh, it artistic license... it's just Liefeld's style...
KID: Why is this woman's spine hinged in three places?
ME: ...Uh... Maybe Rob never met an actual human female?
KID: Why does Captain America have Triple-Ds?
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Awesome start to a long weekend - thanks Alvy!
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Damn if that's not a masonic handshake b/w Stan and Sergio at 1:18 or so. Fun? Wow!
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Well, I'm the old guy here so I found it a treat to meet two of my heroes, Kurtzman and Davis. Giants. Try to find "Jungle Book" if you can. It's art is so vigorous, so full of energy, so masterful in composition... it should be required reading for comics people. And it's funny.

And, maybe next to Frazetta, has anyone's style been more aped than Davis?

(Goddam I wish Stan Lee was a better interviewer, though, and sad to see Harvey didn't look well. He must have died soon after. Viva Annie Fanny.)
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