Doctor Who, Cali style...
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The Doctor Who theme, Adam Savage of Mythbusters, and tesla coils! (SLYT) ... just a part of this weekend's S.F. Bay Area Maker Faire.
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...and then Adam accidentally touched the walls of the Faraday cage while he was dancing...
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non-crappy audio
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Shockingly fun!
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dork. fucking. tastic.
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Is this post parody? Are you making fun of us? I don't know about the rest of you, but I was born this way.
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This makes my plan for an asavage Halloween costume that much harder to pull off. Thanks a lot man.
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Adam is a big name celebrity and I think he's awesome for many reasons, but I think on the whole I'd rather meet Grant.
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Perfect opportunity to make something look like a dalek squandered... also needed more EXTERMINATE!
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Adam Savage of Mythbusters

I'm sure you mean: Mefi's own Adam Savage
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As someone who grew up around the S.F. Bay Area, it's hard to think of Adam Savage as being a "big name celebrity", even though Mythbusters is basically an established fact-of-life. They *still* do lots of regular geektastic appearances around here, oftentimes for free or a very reasonable sum.

It's hard to take people seriously as being big name celebrities, when they pop into the local sex store to buy a rubber body suit, or something to fist a shark with.
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Sorry, but it has to be done:

Metafilter: something to fist a shark with.
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Mike Rowe was there, too, and he told the crowd he's trying to pitch a new series about maker geeks.
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Mythbusters producers said they wanted to introduce character arcs this season. Adam responds appropriately.
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So much cool tech and not a decent video rig to capture it.
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I didn't see Adam, but I was at the faire all weekend, ostensibly working. My wife was there wandering the floor too.

It was hands down one of the coolest things I've ever been to. Every turn had something utterly awesome.

It wasn't a big convention of people selling you things, but instead a huge group of people dedicated to the ethos that in this day and age you really can Make Stuff.

In a lot of a ways I genuinely believe that it's a glimpse at the future. The 3d printer making more 3d printers, the 8 year old kids engrossed by the shaperbot CNC making giant blcks, the toddler walking over to a projection screen and trying to touch it like an ipad...

Next year everyone should go. Bring your kids, go by yourself, but at least go for a day. It's a sight to behold.
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Electrifying performance.
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"Next year everyone should go." if things weren't already crowded enough *this* year?!
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Next year everyone should go.

As soon as they have (a real, not "mini") one fewer than 2000 miles away, I'm on it.
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Next year everyone should go. Bring your kids, go by yourself, but at least go for a day.

At $25 per-adult, and $10 per child (over 4), I think my wallet will pass.
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MataFilter: something to fist a shark with
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Dammit, kinnakeet!
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For a second there (at about 1:2), I thought he was going to moon the audience. That would have made it perfect.
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At $25 per-adult, and $10 per child (over 4), I think my wallet will pass.

Everyone's entitled to their own financial priorities but $25 for up to two day's activities seems exceptionally reasonable to me. It's certainly comparable to most museum entrance prices & movie ticket rates. Someplace like Seattle's Pacific Science Center charges $15 for entrance, separate from special entertainment stuff like IMAX.
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This year I decided to not go to Maker Faire after going 4 years in a row. It seemed like it was just getting too crowded, and there wasn't enough new stuff each year, so it didn't seem worth going yet again. This post is like the 5th thing I've read that makes me wish I went. Dammit.
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In a lot of a ways I genuinely believe that it's a glimpse at the future.

The future's open wide.
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At $25 per-adult, and $10 per child (over 4), I think my wallet will pass.

If you buy your tickets in advance or at Whole Foods the day of, it's $20 per adult, $10 for ages 13-21, and $5 for under 13.

Pretty good deal! The rip off is the food.

I almost didn't go because I hated last years. This years was as big but seemed more organized with less blatant shilling, though there was still shilling a-plenty.

Also, as it gets more organized, it's seemed to be more accessible to people who aren't already in the scene, which is annoying to the folks who used to have it to themselves. I noticed a few people who still seemed uncomfortable with the contradiction- how to show off their work without having to have their things pawed at and without having to explain it in terms adapted to the meanest understanding. They sequested themselves away with layers of folding table between them and the public. It's still an awkward alliance.

I completely understand that this added accessibility changes the game in ways that aren't 100% to the good. There's a lot to be said about watching a bunch of creative people fool around with fire, robots, power tool drag races, etc.. The safety requirements these days are so extreme as to make the whole thing seem neutered. However, there are other places to do those things- those kind of events are easier to set up than the Maker Faire as it is right now. The Dorkbots have not gone away because of the Maker Faire, so far as I can tell.

However, having (the often lambasted) pre-made kits and then tutors and places for an 8 year old girl to learn to solder something functional is... awesome. Having toys that teach binary thinking to kids who normally wouldn't have exposure to it is potentially world shaping. Finally, anything that counters this ubiquitous trend to turn Americans into observers and not doers is great.

The Maker Faire has a lot of faults though many of them I'm not sure could be fixed without it turning into an Exploratorium type of experience, which to me feels contrived and sort of force fed, and too clearly (the dreaded adjective) educational. Despite its faults, possibly even because of them, I think the Maker Faire is a huge step forward.
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I haven't been to a Maker Faire, but I've certainly seen a weird nerd culture thing happening with diy culture vs DIY Culture (tm), and "real" hacker types vs Makers as a marketing thing. Some of it is a measure of "it was difficult for us to learn this stuff, so it should be hard for you, too" from some folks, and some of it is "hey, who are all these uncool people (ie who don't culturally mesh with us) who are in here dicking around with our stuff?" I haven't actually thought much of this through to have a coherent thesis about this, but it's just a thing i've noticed that small_ruminant's comment reminded me of.
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I caught only 5 minutes of the speech which was titled something like "Inspiration" but was knocked out. Supposedly Adam mentioned at the end he'd be posting a bibliography somewhere but he hasn't done it yet on Twitter or his home page.

If you saw it & remember any of the authors he quoted, please post here. I imagine it might take Mr. Busypants a while.
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