Teeny tiny womb
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A rare black lion tamarin at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust gave birth by c-section last month (via). The c-section was necessary because, though tamarins usually give birth to twins, this mother had only a single baby that was too big to deliver naturally (adult tamarins weigh about 600 grams).

This baby black lion tamarin is the first born outside of Brazil in 8 years. Like the golden lion tamarin, black lion tamarins have been targeted for captive breeding programs because of habitat loss. The Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the success stories of captive breeding, with hope for reintroduction to the Brazilian Cloud Forest.
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Awww, that little guy looks sleepy.

Hope Mom recovers from the C-section okay. That's not something nature has prepared her for. I wonder if she has to wear the cone thing so she doesn't get at the stitches? Hopefully she can't reach them!
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Tamarins always look so serious.

And do not confuse them with tamarinds, because it is not nice to eat monkeys.
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Someone needs to explain to me why a graphic video of a C-section is super-adorable to me when performed on a tiny monkey when it's ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING when I see the same video involving humans even when it's obviously the exact same surgery. Tiny things are cuter? I have a serious malfunction? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm all, "EEEEE! Tiny surgical field!"
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Reminds me of when my little 1 1/2 pound ferret had to have surgery to remove an intestinal blockage. Poor little tiny animal!
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Tamarind tastes awful, by the way.
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Oh, my.

I know this makes me a Terrible Person Forever, and I would never actually do this, but every time I see a tamarin, all the cute sensors in my brain light up with "Pet! Pet! You want this animal for a pet!"

Incredible captive breeding program. Their dedication to these creatures is a beautiful thing.
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