Remember Gabocorp?
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Remember Gabocorp? Hailed as the king of flash, one-man company Gabocorp's site carried a 'back early 2000' message for most of 1999. But what's happening now? ('There is no entry in Apache for the Account you are looking for...' @ 4.50 GMT +1)
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How long could it possibley take to make a few more spinning G's?
posted by corpse at 7:58 AM on March 20, 2000

Oh temporary problem. The coming soon message is back up. LOL @6 pm GMT +1
posted by prolific at 9:04 AM on March 20, 2000

For what it's worth, a job applicant (graphic design) I was interviewing several months ago told me that the word was that Gabocorp did not exist -- it was a bogus company made up by Macromedia to increase the buzz about Flash, which had just come out at that time.
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I sincerely doubt Macromedia is capable of inventing Alberto Gabriel Mendoza -- gabo was too much like a personal site to be a corporate invention. Then again I never saw any of the client work he was supposedly working on.
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