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The world's slowest Porsche. Johannes L. built a Porsche GT3 RS out of a recumbent bicycle, wood stripping, pvc, and tape. The Flickr set covering construction.
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Most porches move very slowly indeed. Ours hasn't budged an inch since we bought the house.
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Damn you jedicus, for rendering this pointless...

"I painted your porch for you sir, but you're wrong... it's not a porch, it's a ferrari."
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Not a fixed-gear. Lame.
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In a way it looked better before he skinned it. The skeletal shell is incredibly impressive-looking, and the crinkly skin doesn't do justice to the work underneath, making it look like a slightly cheesy Halloween Porsche imitation rather than a remarkable piece of work in its own right.
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He also seems to have made a bike out of poo.
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Why didn't he use heat-shrink plastic? Oh why? It would have looked a lot better. The frame is awesome.
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Didn't Richard "The Hamster" Hammond drive a pedal-powered Porsche around the Top Gear track in one of the episodes?
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He also seems to have made a bike out of poo

There isn't much I can find about it on his website, but it is apparently part of his Humpy Horsies series.
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I love that it had a spoiler.

I have to admit, as I watched, and could clearly see his feet moving he pedals, I kept thinking...It HAS to be able to move faster than that, it's a damn Porch Porsche!
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Yeah this is the same project that was on Top Gear.
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Uber cool! Now some american will make a recumbent bike monster truck for the BMX tracks
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And here it is!
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Something about the scene from the back (from around 3.25 in the first video from his project site) of it crawling down the track with his little pedal feet alternately appearing - boop boop boop boop - dipping below the undercarriage - made me laugh so hard.
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Man, it looks way cooler as just the pvc framing than when it's all taped up.
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An awesome effort, but after all that work on the frame, and after applying the first few strips of tape didn't he say to himself that there had to be a better way?
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Disliked: that much of the media coverage of this has been toned with mockery. It's like they think people who appreciate supercars as awesome pieces of engineering can't appreciate a recumbent bike with supercar shell as an awesome piece of engineering.

Liked: he took a racing line in that video
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I like the gold foil - makes it look like spacecraft.
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Pshaw. Here's a much more Regal version.
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