Huguette Clark dies, many questions remain
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The reclusive 104-year-old heiress has died, but the recent public fascination with her has led to an investigation into the handling of her money. You may remember last year's MeFi post dedicated to Huguette Clark. The hospital in which she lived for the past 22 years confirmed that she died Tuesday morning, just shy of her 105th birthday. The investigation of the people handling her fortune continues.
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Real storybook stuff leaving such riches without any clear heirs. RIP Ms. clark.
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Thanks for the update on this.
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what a long life of loneliness, i assume. sad
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Well, Huguette what Huguive, I suppose.

I'm sorry
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What an sad yet fascinating story.
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Like a Howard Hughes. Mentally ill rich person with no family and grubbing servants. Another one came up recently Wellington R. Burt, though unclear if he was crazy or foxy or both.
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Her father sounds interesting; the article mentions that Las Vegas grew up along one of his railroads and that Clark County (where Vegas is) is named for him. After he was caught bribing state legislators to send him to the US Senate he was quoted as saying "I never bought a man who wasn't for sale." I wish modern politicians were as candid.
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I find the most fascinating thing about this story is that her father was born in 1839, Making him 22 when the Civil War broke out!
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Her father ,William Clark, was the last straw in leading to the direct election of Senators. He essentially bought a senate seat by bribing the Montana legislature in the late 1890s. News of this came out after the election. Realizing the Senate would never accept him he resigned before taking office.

This created a vacancy in office that the governor would have to fill. The governor disliked Clark but was out of state. So Clark got the lieutenant governor, who was also out of state, to return to Montana to appoint a successor: William Clark! When the governor returned he rescinded the appointment before Clark could take office and appointed his own man. The Senate refused to seat either.
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She deserved better than to be firewalled from the outside world.
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The Washington Post obituary.
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